Only two legendary skins?

Honestly think the OW community has been taking it way too well for all the :poop: that we have been getting over the years.

Other communities woudl have been boycotting Blizzard by now by review bombing or other means.


I know you’re between a rock and a hard place. And it’s unfair that you’re taking on the negatives that are a direct result of someone else’s decisions (namely decisions regarding the game’s direction and development overall).

But that someone else done messed up, luv. And they’re on a road to alienate even more of what little playerbase this game has left. It’s just very sad to see, especially for me, as I know I only have limited time with OW left. (I’m not sure I’ll want to stay after it’s gone and OW2 replaces it.)


They should just directly feed us Bobby. He should have to deal with our wrath :pensive:


This two skins really are good and its no offense to you or anyone in the team what i am going to say now but i’ve lost all my trust in this game.

We’ve always got the

since end of 2019 and got less than nothing regarding both content and the future of the game as most of the ideas were scrapped. We want to know those informations and we want honesty. Be open. Be interactive.

And its just a side note, but Mardi Gras too is a popular holiday. Please at least make the Ashe challenge annual.


(Make all limited skins available again)


This was a miss on my part. I should have noticed that there was a lack of developer notes and called that out before the notes were published, especially for changes like the Cassidy air roll, and the Wrecking Ball grapple.

Jodie and I will both be more vigilant about this in the future.


That is just the problem, is it not? This really is not so different from that last few years. Frog in the hot pot and all that jazz.

With all due respect your company is the only one that has repeatedly disappointed since the pandemic started…and you’ve been doing so since long before it even started.


Just kind of sad about this all. In need of some hope.


Aren’t we all brother.


You’ve mentioned when the patch was published that the development team are monitoring the feedback of the patch. Is there any update on that?


This, again is why I mention this:

And why it’s super important.

Instead of us having to scratch our chins and guess why seemingly nonsensical buffs were given to heroes like Hanzo and Cassidy.


What an absolute waste of an event.
A sad explanation for a lack of a proper update, when you can’t even deliver as many skins as usual.
No new heroes. No new maps of significance. Less skins than regular.
I swear, ever since OW2 was announced, Blizzard has really dropped the ball on maintaining the regular game.

Honestly, you can keep many of us distracted with shiny objects, and when you can’t even deliver THOSE…

And with the certainty that Total Mayhem will be a random thing at best during the next three weeks, my ONLY motivation to show up at all will be to collect the few skins offered before I log off again.


Well, before it was more sneaky and less blatant but yeah.

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That’s not a small thing to ask at this point in the game’s life. When issues remain unaddressed for years and some get worse as recent as last patch, it’s hard to presume otherwise.

I’ve been a Blizzard fan since the company was called Silicon & Synapse, Rock’n’Roll Racing had a huge impact in my cultural life (those 5 songs!), but the well is dry, I’ll believe there’s care when care is shown instead of promised.


Tbh I don’t mind the Hanzo one cause it makes him feel more like his classic self minus the guaranteed one shots.

CaptainPlanet shared some stats with us internally. I’ve not had the bandwidth to prioritize chasing down if we can share it publicly or not. I’ll try to ask about that this week.


Like no real disrespect to the current situation as developers. It really does suck, but when you get news of a new IP and your boss stating the games are in DIRE need of content. What will happen when its revealed you’re doing the opposite? sunshine and rainbows, trust and shilling???

Please man don’t turn into one of those who wrote that.

And no we don’t want to see some dumb article were you guys pat urself in the back.

How does Blizzard manage to lower the bar everytime just when people think atleast ok we get new skins you manage to even take that down to new lows.

Not even Microsoft can save you guys from yourself.


I bet the devs feel the same even though they can’t say it. Surely no one working on the game is happy pushing out events they know are sub-par. They must have known this event would receive a thrashing in the community…

So it’s just a situation where no one seems happy. Not the players, not the devs. Not anyone. Somewhat awkward.