Only two legendary skins?

Somehow i’m still excited. :slight_smile:
Thanks for answering our qustions Andy (well i mean those you could answer :slight_smile: ), really appreciate it.

It literally would have. I was expecting the same 5 skins we have gotten for YEARS. That is HARD precedent, if they just came out and said, “ayy, these are the only two skins for now, my b, but bruh, we will be getting plenty more in 2022, more than usual.” I would not have woke up with baby rage in my heart.


Andy, thank you for being here. But please give feedback to the team that we as community desperately need the sort of roadmap that you’ve shared with the content creators. Last year ended with the usual promises and hope for Overwatch’s future, that’s been going for years, and this is how the year begins for the game.


Anniversary skins :flushed::flushed::flushed:.


Fair enough lol. Archives is usually better than lny anyways.

Im clearly in a salty mood rn :joy::joy:
Ill get over it in like 10 mins.


Practically speaking, if we announced this the day before, that’s all that would have driven conversation for the next 24 hours, rather than excitement around the new skins.

I’d much rather that myself and Jodie take it on the chin in a thread like this after the fact, than to do anything that would diminish excitement around the work of the development team.

I’m not saying I’m 100% right, there’s truth to what you’re saying. These are the kinds of decisions that face those of us in comms positions every day.


Yeah, you’re right. A couple fewer people would be complaining.

This is true, this event was bound to disappoint the community regardless of how it was communicated. I think some people argues that the community manager should perhaps have communicated with the community not to lessen the anger but as a form of courtesy and respect. At least that’s how I interpret some of the complaints.


Even if this was your sole decision or anything like that. I do not think you should be shouldering the entire burden alone. The team can do better and I know you know that. Today is a rough day for everyone involved. As I said in my previous post, really hoping you guys blow us away next month, speaking of which we probably need a schedule or something so we know when to show up, those February announcements are still happening even without Blizzcon right?

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Preach, thanks Andy for being patient with us. Some people here are a bit toxic.

Just please let T4 know that we are in dire need of communication


I legit don’t know how Andy does this though. I’d get mad myself if I had all the backlash towards him and stuff.


Or at least I would have. I do not mean to speak for anyone else. But all is well that ends well. I am really glad Andy is here to clear the air and feel bad that he is being bombarded after he already explained the situation. Not cool.

I am just as frustrated as you guys are but some of you could be a little less harsh and sarcastic to Andy.


Im sure many of us wouldve rather gone into the event with the conversation happening before. That way we didnt excitedly open the brower and be shocked at how little there was.

Instead of being blindsided most people would rather know ahead of time. Purposely allowing people to feel excitment while knowing theyre going to be disappointed just so you can avoid the harsh conversation is so wrong.

Thats whats happening now, so. Everyone lost that excitment.


@AndyB Is there any chance we can have some communication at some point on the last balance patch? It was a bit weird that it came out without any notes on the individual changes (why they were made) and there’s been a lot of questions on it here.

It’d be really nice for more context, or maybe another post where you share what feedback you’ve gotten and given to the developers. It’d be nice to know specific concerns are being heard.


Would be cool to have the game director or the devs poke their heads out of the barricades in situations like this instead of having CMs constantly apologise.


Honestly think the OW community has been taking it way too well for all the :poop: that we have been getting over the years.

Other communities woudl have been boycotting Blizzard by now by review bombing or other means.


I know you’re between a rock and a hard place. And it’s unfair that you’re taking on the negatives that are a direct result of someone else’s decisions (namely decisions regarding the game’s direction and development overall).

But that someone else done messed up, luv. And they’re on a road to alienate even more of what little playerbase this game has left. It’s just very sad to see, especially for me, as I know I only have limited time with OW left. (I’m not sure I’ll want to stay after it’s gone and OW2 replaces it.)


They should just directly feed us Bobby. He should have to deal with our wrath :pensive:


This two skins really are good and its no offense to you or anyone in the team what i am going to say now but i’ve lost all my trust in this game.

We’ve always got the

since end of 2019 and got less than nothing regarding both content and the future of the game as most of the ideas were scrapped. We want to know those informations and we want honesty. Be open. Be interactive.

And its just a side note, but Mardi Gras too is a popular holiday. Please at least make the Ashe challenge annual.