Only two legendary skins?

We’ll be sure to just patch in some Mccree buffs that failed 3 passed exp cards :heart:


In order for them to communicate anything, they’d have to work with their legal team to ensure their communication is appropriate, get approval from CEO (good luck), and other high-up executives to do so.

It sucks. There’s layers and layers in companies to just putting any “official” information out there. I don’t find that to be the dev’s fault, though, but rather corporate hierarchies and approval chains and all that not-so-fun corporate stuff. ):

Preach :raised_hands: People have to be crazy to think the dev team doesn’t care about this game…


Funny enough the guy in charge of the hitscan dps for the exp patch asked blizzard to remove it for his changes.

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They all went live already. Waiting on a new buff for everyone to disagree on before they put it into live.

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This was a conscious choice on my part, so please feel free to direct any ire towards myself specifically. There was a zero sum chance that this topic wouldn’t be addressed in the community, and we knew there would be an opportunity to respond directly to player conversation.

Keep in mind that we have many channels of communication we manage, and we’ll activate them in different ways, depending on how we want to communicate something. Sometimes we want for information to be announced through media. Sometimes we’ll want to partner with content creators.

Major beats and information will always be from us first, on our “owned channels” (whenever possible)


I’d hardly call an article after the event already comes out “appropriate”

Damage control at best.


I totally understand mate. People are so entitled over here but just letting us know “right we’re going to do monthly blogs talking about how development is going”, hell even every few months like the Diablo team is doing, its all I can ask for.

Doesn’t have to be all GOOD stuff and empty promises. They could even just say, “we’re having trouble to bring out content this month” and its ok cause we know the next few months will have guaranteed content.


Oh, 100% it isn’t appropriate. It is damage control.

I’m just saying that in order for a team at a company to convey things publicly, it usually requires legal and executive-level approvals. And that’s not always attainable.

It sucks finding things out from an article.


I really appreciate everything you have said in this thread!

Tonight I am raising my glass (energy drink) to a bright Overwatch future :slight_smile:

Have a lovely rest of your day dude!


So you specifically waited day of knowing that would make players more mad than if you had prepared them in advance? :clap: :clap:

Astounding. Thank you.


When is doomfist getting some more tribal or warrior skins like “painted” and more skins with dreadlocks like “Jotunn”?

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Let’s not kid ourselves in thinking revealing it beforehand would’ve made people less mad.


I think the fact that the Diablo team has managed to consistently put out a quarterly blog post is what makes Overwatch’s lack of communication all the more baffling. Like, Diablo 4 seems like it might even be further out than Overwatch 2, why is one team able to consistently deliver on detailed blog posts while we have seen so little in comparison?


Yeah but WHEN? Thats the problem. I have high functioning autism and set dates do wonders for me and otherwise leaves me confused and agitated.

And remember their head dev (Jesse McCree) was removed half way through development. So I’m amazed they even talk.

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Idk why but this made me chuckle a bit


This is really all I can read being communicated to us too, but if someone could supply a better worded version I’m ears. Because the PR release early in the day tells me you expected this exact outcome and still couldn’t handle it.


Giving people time to think gives them time to calm down.

Ofc they wouldve been mad, but the point Im making is they wouldve gone into the event expecting it. The way it is now everyone had to open the event and were shocked to see just two.
Preparing in advance wouldve been the responsible thing to do to keep expectations down.

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That actually doesn’t sound too bad.

I’d happily exchange fewer Lunar New Years skins for more Archives/Anniversary skins in a heartbeat.

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