Only two legendary skins?

Wrong Hammond skins are always a welcome edition.


If that’s what you took away from that statement, I apologize. I clearly miscommunicated it.

It’s more of an emphasis of having something concrete to discuss with our major announcements, so players actually have something to be excited about.


Understandable. NDAs are a thing.

Just please, please let Team 4 know that frequent communication is absolutely essential at this point of OW2’s development. At the very least tell them to give us a sign, graphic, video or anything official that allows us to be prepared for info coming.

A roadmap of upcoming content and reveals for 2022 will be grand. Riot, Digital Extremes and Ubisoft do that and they are going fine and have the player’s trust

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More planned = $$$$.

Enjoy your microsoft.

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My only problem is that everything was hyping me up, and because of the big announcments promised to come this week for Blizzard titles, i thought this is going to be IT.
And then, not only we didn’t get OW2 news but we got even less skins. It was really disappointing for me, i just feel really unoptimistic now.


Just as player feelings are incredibly important, so are the feelings of the people who work on the team. We are a team of humans, not machines who mindlessly produce product.

If the last year has taught me anything, focusing on the human side of the industry is something that we could all use a bit more of.


No, we’re mad that y’all never even gave a heads up. Blizzard never even gave an official statement to US. We had to read it in an article.
Youre too busy being defensive to grasp WHY youre getting so much backlash.

We are tired of your empty promises.


Yall are just straight clowning us at this point. Just embarrassing.


Blizzard’s method of communication is a relic of a bygone era. They operate like it’s the Nintendo 64 days, with as little communication and transparency as possible. Want our trust? It’s simple:

DEVELOPER ROADMAP → milestones, planned content etc

TRANSPARENT STATS FOR BALANCE → balance changes are shady, the decisions your team makes don’t seem to align with reality. Share your stats and analytics with the community so that we can see WHY something was buffed/nerfed. The only reason not to do this is if there is an ulterior motive behind changes, (eg The suits want this hero seen in OWL)

DEV COMMUNICATION → Much love to the CMs, but this is so akin to the restaurant owner forcing the server to take complaints/blame/communicate with the customer


I completely agree and sympathize with this. Overwatch is clearly a work of passion, and I’m sure that the team poured years of love and devotion into the product.

However, the situation cannot continue as it is. Blizzard needs to re-earn the trust of its player base. Some of that love and devotion has to be communicated. Some concrete reason to be hopeful that the current stagnant state of the game is close to an end and that its future will be better has to be conveyed more clearly.

I’ve played every Blizzard game since Lost Vikings. I’ve spent thousands of hours in Overwatch. I want the company to succeed. I want the game to succeed. I find myself struggling to believe that it will though, at least in the foreseeable future. I’m not alone with this struggle. Blizzard should be doing a much better job selling their player base on their game’s future.


Man, communication really went downhill after Blizzcon was canceled the past few years. :confused:


I should also add that there’s probably several layers that prevent the team from communicating things to us. I keep them in mind because I work in the tech industry, and I get it - you can’t always share what you’re working on:

  • NDA’s and confidentiality agreements
  • Psychological behaviors in reaction to plans/roadmaps being shared (i.e. they may interpret it as a promise when it’s a tentative project)
  • Distribution of resources/efforts to accomplish said project
  • The many things back-end that are happening to the company

So I don’t want it to feel like I’m just an angry consumer who demonizes devs. Admittedly my words sometimes do that and I should choose them better. I just…I dunno, I want to convey that I get it. It still is disappointing, but I get it and I wish things were different for both ends.


More than any other year after this slow start? I mean, consider my pitchfork lowered…

Yeah I think a lot of people are going too far today, agreed.

For me I want the best out of Blizzard and Overwatch. I want a happy community and a great game. This just isnt happening. We NEED some sort of roadmap.


That’s fair. I bet it can’t be fun for you either to take this metaphorical beating from an unhappy community without anything to “feed to the wolves” so to speak. It’s just unfortunate that the state of the game is what it is and that the relation between Blizzard and the players has deteriorated this badly.

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Don’t worry we will fix that with our content creator ExC :smirk:


That looks fun at least. I’ve liked the changes I’ve seen so far.

Just admit. OW is almost dead to the very least.

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We’ll be sure to just patch in some Mccree buffs that failed 3 passed exp cards :heart:


In order for them to communicate anything, they’d have to work with their legal team to ensure their communication is appropriate, get approval from CEO (good luck), and other high-up executives to do so.

It sucks. There’s layers and layers in companies to just putting any “official” information out there. I don’t find that to be the dev’s fault, though, but rather corporate hierarchies and approval chains and all that not-so-fun corporate stuff. ):