Only two legendary skins?

LOL, well you should have meticulously planned better for this event to only come out with 2 skins. Did the did event timing come as as a surprise?

Meticulously planned, that’s laughable.


Keep in mind the original challenge skins WERE legendary skins. Sigma’s comes to mind. Granted, I’m still not happy about it. I’d rather have the skins during an event where I can buy what I want rather than being made to play a game in a terrible state to get what I want.

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The latter, he said “more legendary skins” this year. It’s possible they could just cram them into the remaining skin events, but I think he’s obliquely hinting at some other delivery mechanism for skins, like a battle pass. Just my pet theory though.


Limited time skins suck! I hope someday they all come back. I missed American reaper and for that I’m sad.

Not really. The camera work on it is so weird and clunky.

I’m going to assume you’re talking about the collective “you”, and not myself specifically.

There are people who have been working on this game since before we were even Overwatch. I’ve worked in this industry for over 15 years now, and I can tell you that developers do not work on a game they don’t care about for more than 5 years.

Not to be overly effusive, but Team 4 is hands down the best development team I’ve had the privilege of working alongside. I have regular 1:1s with Aaron, Gersh, and several leaders on the team. We have full access to the dev team, and they have always been excited to answer our questions and to listen to player feedback.

When you conflate a lack of content with the team’s dedication and desire to do the right thing by the community, it pays disservice to how much those individual people actually care about both this game, the community, and Blizzard as a whole. Be critical of us. At the same time, please remember that the team reads these forums and that your words have power.


I want Sweater:76 so bad. :frowning:

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I think this means to say “most skins will be paid OWL and there will be a few event ones here and there”. I really wouldn’t hope for anything too great, that’s a recipe for disappointment.

On a side note, I think this is the first time I logged into the event, saw the cosmetics and the patch notes, and closed the game without even opening the free lootbox. I like the game and I do play it casually and consistently, but no one can deny the impact events and event cosmetics have on playtime. Neglecting that is… less than wise.


Same man it’s such a good skin. I miss when purple skins were part of the loot boxes.

This pretty much explains the glacier pacing regarding Blizzard.

Taa Dum Tish

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I promise you that this isn’t unique to Blizzard XD


But you’re also still doing less than satisfactory to the player base so why do I have to watch my tone?


Yoooooo roasted :clap:

I believe in your team but there needs to be way more transparency. Telling Youtubers everything that they need to get hyped and leaving the entire playerbase in the dust and all this vague talk otherwise is kinda bad.

Please give us some sort of nod that we’ll hear the exact things you told streamers sooner than later. Its been 2 months and only they know whats going on.


This is amusing to me because it’s Blizzard operating like they are in good faith with the players. “We know we’re selling you short now but trust us, it’ll get better later” is something you can say when you have good-will. A reputation to back it up. That was many years ago…

I don’t think Blizzard is in a position where wage promises of content in the future is good enough.


I do appreciate you being active on these forums Andy, but why can’t we know now? We already get very minimum content, how can you guys just lessen it even more and not give us any information? I think these skins looks fantastic, Overwatch always knocks it out of the park with skins. But two is just unacceptable. Even more unacceptable to have no information on why we are getting less.


Letting the work speak for itself is a reasonable one on the surface. The problem is that the large portions of the community have lost their trust in Blizzard over the past few years and their enthusiasm for the games. We hear sporadic bits and fragments about future development and promises for future communication, mingled with ever more common news about delays, setbacks, and confusing and awful managerial decisions.

As a player, it’s very hard to feel confident in the future of the game. I recognize that from an insider perspective optimism and confidence may feel much more justified. I appreciate that the dev team is hard at work and feels passionate about the product they’re making. I don’t fault them, and I don’t fault the community managers. None of you are in enviable positions right now, and I think you’re all doing your best with what you have.

However, something needs to be done to address the lost trust and evaporating enthusiasm. The new content will eventually come out, but it may be too late for many people. Waiting is not a good enough solution.


Caring is great, it really is. But it also doesn’t mean much if it isn’t provided the community with satisfactory results. If giving the choice I’d take more quality content at the expense of less caring.

Lots of caring and no results gets you a participation trophy in youth sports. Results is what wins the championship trophy though.

I think it is time the team focused on results because all the caring in the world is not getting us any content, even simple cosmetics at this point.


I’m hoping this February they do another dev log finally.


I started my journey with Blizzard back in 2007 with WoW:TBC, and I fell in love with the tech industry. Since then, I’ve got to say that the Overwatch dev team is the only team left that seems to have any passion in what they’re doing, and they’re the only ones that actually listen to the community.


The lack of communication and empty promises from the Overwatch team has taken its tole on its community. It’s hard to believe anything said from Blizzard in regards to Overwatch. Why are they only showing content creator’s things that should be some kind of announcement to the Overwatch community as a whole? This is where the problem is stemming from. They’re not including the whole and making it seem like only a select few matter.


Honestly, considering their quality, i’m fine with only the two this time around. They both look great!

Plus I can also save up my gold a bit lol