Only two legendary skins?

Unless my memory fails me I recall a while back that Jeff told everybody ahead of time that there was going to be less skins in an upcoming event (I forget which)

I think this would’ve played out differently if something similar had occurred here


I mean are we really surprised we only got two legendary skins?

The news is the community blog post about how they focused on two skins.

Yes cause they didn’t tell us in advance leaving us to get beyond disappointed.

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It’s just not looking great for Overwatch until OW2 comes out unfortunately. Everything is put on hold for the sequel :sob:

I get this feeling. It’s understandable that folks want information right now.

To provide some insight as to our processes; any announcement or news that we share is heavily coordinated, highly scrutinized, and meticulously planned before it ever sees the light of day. There are several stakeholders at every step of the process that need alignment and to have their feedback both listened too and considered. Major announcements are even more complicated, sometimes needing approval from all the way up the chain.

By the time we’re ready to announce something to the broader community (let alone preview it with our trusted content creators), months of work and the efforts of many teams are represented in the final product.

When we use phrases like “throughout the year” it’s intentionally ambiguous as we’re not at a place where we’re ready to communicate firm schedules. I know that’s not the most satisfying thing to hear as a player. In this particular case, we anticipated conversation around this topic and believed it better to provide some additional context.


The community team is never going to be allowed to make huge announcements like whatever it is that got the content creators excited. I don’t know why the team hasn’t revealed anything of that yet but I expect they will soon. In the meantime there’s no point complaining to Andy about it.

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They complain to him cause he’s the only public face they can complain to.


I do not feel they should have shown the 2 Legendaries before the event if there was only 2.
It’s bad enough no heads up that we only getting two, yet also spoilt any surprise.

I know your only the messenger Andy.


Guess I can kiss that hope of a D.Va Archives skin goodbye. :sob:

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To manage expectations, you should never be looking at blue posts (from CMs) on these forums for major announcements. The community team is here to facilitate conversation and provide additional granularity whenever possible

Should go without saying, but no leaks from us either. I have a family to support.


Rip to the doomfist players who heard his voice in the trailer and thought they were actually getting a skin.


Sure, now you also want us to wait for this…
I am sorry, but this the peak of your failure.
I am not supporting this ignorance


I appreciate the response, and I know absolutely none of this is on you or reflects on you as a CM, but at a certain point someone above your pay grade has to understand that this staggered approach to communication is not working and that the constant lack of real concrete communication and promises of more information at an ambiguous far-off date is probably the number one thing fermenting distrust and agitation in the community right now.

If we had gotten an articulated response to “WHY” we are getting fewer skins with full context for the opportunity we’re getting in exchange, I doubt anyone would be that upset. But we’re just left to do nothing more than cynically speculate in bad faith about how we’re not even getting the bare minimum anymore.


The higher ups somehow not realizing staggered communication is killing off the community.


Skins are not content.

We’ve heard this a thousand times from Blizzard, and it never happens.

I hope you’re referring to other skins that haven’t been released yet because these were…“meh” at best.


Apologies Andy. I didn’t mean to ask for leaks but more so for clarifications to manage expectations.

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And watch Andy ignore this juicy bit of perfect reflection on the community ire.


I lost hope a long time ago but, Andy and Jodie are not to fault for this, they are just doing their job.

The people at fault are the Devs and higher ups that come up with these decisions that put the CMs in these spots.

Long story short, the sadly are messengers of some awful people.

I hear what you’re saying here.

In another post, I made mention that we want to focus on letting our work speak for itself this year. Not much more I can say aside from this feedback has been communicated to the team, and I personally feel it was well received.