One year later and Toyal Mayhem still doesn't track time

Please can we get a fix on total mayhem being viewable in the career profile again, why am I gonna play a mode that doesn’t record my playtime.

I’m not sure ANY time in Arcade mode tracks, tbh. Mine has said 41 hours for like a year. I’ve at least played a few hrs of arcade in that time…

This would be quite nice.

I agree with HebrewHammer here. Being able to track stats on a mode that I play a lot would be great! I do not see why it was removed.

Hey Hebrew!!

I have like 2k+ hours in Total Mayhem (back when was introduced in OW1) and it was never put in my account. Now my account says I have around 5k hours, meanwhile I was level 6249 in OW1 before the switch to OW2. (1 level is like 1 hour)

And now when you add more than 1.5k hours in OW2…

I’ll reiterate, for me, no arcade time tracks any stats. Can any of you verify it tracks you in other modes?