One Sym 3.0 turret still does the same damage/slow as one sym 2.0 turret (patched)

Right. I’m saying that after the original details were revealed, the devs updated us by saying she was still mostly the same, but they changed some numbers to balance. I’m assuming turrets, like her primary fire, were affected by that balancing sweep. We weren’t lied to, is my point.

So basically
One new turrets do as much damage as one old turret ? Instead of doing as much as 2 old turret right ?

It’s probably a error when tweaking the value , if not it’s s straight nerf

But I don’t think it’s intentional there’s a lot of glitch anyway

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We have been lied to


Or it’s just a bug. Stop being melodramatic.

I hope they increase the range to 20m too

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018:

It still says their damage should be increased. They shouldn’t be doing the same damage on live as they are in the PTR. Even it’s not a straight 2:1 anymore, it’s should still be more than live.

So this has to be a bug.


Huh, it might just be a bug then or somebody botched the patch notes. Personally, from a balance perspective, turrets currently don’t do enough but the rest of her kit does so much more, so Idk how they should approach this situation.

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By buffing the turret damage.


honestly if they were just indestructible in flight i’m okay with the lowered damage, the slow should be harsher, but, meh
i personally feel like they should bring utility, from distraction and the slow debuff, more so than damage

By fixing the turret damage and then doing additional balance tuning if it turns out to be too much. But at the moment, since it’s in the patch notes, and people don’t think they do enough, they should buff like they said they would.

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Check the patch note. It says increased damage for turrets. Oof.

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Even the slow looks the same…

I hopped onto the forums to post the same thing. The damage of the turrets appears to be the same, even though the patch notes say the damage is supposed to be increased. Hopefully this is a bug and it won’t launch this way. The ability to throw sentries is awesome, but the low damage makes her feel like a nerf overall.

I also suspect her turrets have the same HP as they seem to always die instantly when I was play No Limits. They’re supposed to have 30 health on PTR, over 1 HP on live. I didn’t hard test this, though.

For my damage scale testing, I dropped a sentry turret at the feet of the stationary training bot at the end of the range markers, let him die, then waited for him to respawn. Started a timer as soon as the beams started attacking, then stopped it when the training bot died. I used reflexes and a stopwatch to judge the timing, so it’s not as accurate as say recording a video and getting the precise frames, but if there’s any difference it’s marginal. I got differences around a 0.1 of a second over multiple trials, which might be due to my reflexes more than anything.

1 turret kills the bot in 6.8 seconds on live, 6.7 on PTR.
2 turrets kill the bot in 3.4 seconds on live, 3.4 on PTR.
3 turrets kill the bot in 2.4 seconds on live, 2.3 on PTR.
6 turrets kill the bot in 1.25 seconds on live, N/A on PTR.

Also, Symmetra’s primary attack kills the bot in 3 seconds on live, 2.8 on PTR, both starting at zero amp charge. Pretty sure the primary attack is much stronger, but the bots don’t have enough health to accurately measure consistently.

And for reference, Zarya’s beam kills a bot in 2.4 seconds on live, with a 15m range over Symmetra’s 10m range.


The reason it doesn’t seem like the turrets have more health is because what’s the practical difference between something with 1 hit point versus 30 hit points when there are basically no abilities that deal less than 30 damage.

Mercy’s pistol does 20 damage per ammo and you fire them individually. So it’d take her 2 shots to kill one turret. But with a max of 3 turrets, instead of it taking Mercy 6 shots to clear out a full set of turrets it now takes… 6 shots. Lucio’s sonic amplifier deals 20 damage per round, but he always fires 4 rounds and turrets are stationary. The sort of classic counter to Symmetra turrets is Winston’s tesla cannon but that cone does 60 dps. Every melee attack in the game does 30 damage. Every other damage character in the game is gonna be able to kill one turret with one attack, just like before.

Ultimately the health change doesn’t seem impactful at all.


I wouldn’t be if it didn’t take two years to put her above f tier

So it defaets the purpose of giving it 30
Because most gun fires more bullet per shot making turrets as easy to destroy as her previous one.

How about 75 atleast it has some fighting chance. There is a bug with her ptr turrets and i hope they would still change it when it went live.


Yeah. It’s a buff without an impact. It’s basically only there to act as a patch note filler. Increasing their health further, if she’s going to be limited to just 3, seems necessary.


We’ve been through this enough times to know that whatever ends up on PTR pretty much gets pushed through to live with minimal changes.

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Since when do they listen to feedback? lol Like never unless your a DPS Main

did some testing to and two sym turrets on live really out damage one on ptr by about three seconds.

h ttps://
live there’s a three second delay on spawn.
h ttps://
ptr there’s minimal delay.

there for ptr turrets not worth the spot of two live turrets.
they nerfed sym turrets.