One Sym 3.0 turret still does the same damage/slow as one sym 2.0 turret (patched)

I recorded video of PTR and Live against the training bots and both killed the training bot in 7 seconds. Other people have done testing as well.
Edit: to clarify I tested only 1 turret on Live and PTR not all 3 for PTR or 6 for Live. So 1 single turret on both Live and PTR takes 7 seconds to kill a training bot.

Update: According to the latest patch notes they patched a “bug” causing symmetra turrets from doing the correct damage/slow.

So either there was an error with updating the turrets or we were just straight up lied to.


Don’t the 3 turrets equal the same amount of damage as the 6 turrets? The overall damage has stayed the same, but the individual damage has gone up.

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If it was doubled DPS PTR turrets would kill a training bot in 3.5 seconds not 7 seconds. Right now against a training bot the Live and PTR turrets have the same time to kill.


good job taking the time to check
hopefully it can bring attention to this

just to clarify:

are you saying that 1 turret on live, vs 1 turret on PTR, kills at the same time?

because 6 turrets on live, vs 3 turrets on PTR, ARE supposed to kill at the same time


Um, no. The turrets do more damage but you have less of them.

The individual turrets do so much damage now its like you’re placing 2 (of the old turrets) at a time instead of 1.

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I tested a single turret on both live and PTR and both killed at the same speed.


You’re missing the dev post where they said that for the most part she was the same but they dialed back some numbers.

They were saying before that 3 PTR turrets = 6 Live turrets. But right now 3 PTR = 3 Live. So the only change to the turrets right now is how they deploy.


Right. I’m saying that after the original details were revealed, the devs updated us by saying she was still mostly the same, but they changed some numbers to balance. I’m assuming turrets, like her primary fire, were affected by that balancing sweep. We weren’t lied to, is my point.

So basically
One new turrets do as much damage as one old turret ? Instead of doing as much as 2 old turret right ?

It’s probably a error when tweaking the value , if not it’s s straight nerf

But I don’t think it’s intentional there’s a lot of glitch anyway

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We have been lied to


Or it’s just a bug. Stop being melodramatic.

I hope they increase the range to 20m too

Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018:

It still says their damage should be increased. They shouldn’t be doing the same damage on live as they are in the PTR. Even it’s not a straight 2:1 anymore, it’s should still be more than live.

So this has to be a bug.


Huh, it might just be a bug then or somebody botched the patch notes. Personally, from a balance perspective, turrets currently don’t do enough but the rest of her kit does so much more, so Idk how they should approach this situation.

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By buffing the turret damage.


honestly if they were just indestructible in flight i’m okay with the lowered damage, the slow should be harsher, but, meh
i personally feel like they should bring utility, from distraction and the slow debuff, more so than damage

By fixing the turret damage and then doing additional balance tuning if it turns out to be too much. But at the moment, since it’s in the patch notes, and people don’t think they do enough, they should buff like they said they would.

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Check the patch note. It says increased damage for turrets. Oof.

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Even the slow looks the same…