One hand gives, the other takes away: Post-beta updates for Mercy and Moira

I find it pretty pathetic for a modern AAA game to still be scrambling to rework SIX YEAR OLD heroes at this late date, which will likely continue well past the OW2 launch in October, at the rate they seem to work.

Even a live service game needs a solid baseline to start from, but this game still feels really far from that. These are blue sky experiments they are still throwing out. It doesn’t instill confidence that the game we get in October will be anything close to a finished product, and it doesn’t instill confidence that they won’t just stop at the first halfway successful solution they find, rather than keep iterating until they hit the actual best design choice.

This team is still just far too slow for a modern developer, especially for a live service game. With enough time, they can make amazing GOAT-status games. I have seen no evidence they are capable of producing anything in a timely manner for a live service game or even just a regular game with a set deadline.

Should we start taking bets on which season will be the first one they delay? Definitely within the first year, I think it’s safe to say. They’re still reworking 6 year old heroes with no clue which direction to go, they are simply not up to this task they’ve committed to.


Great step in the right direction now delete OW2

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Why not just add some small amount of weaken (15% maybe) onto the normal damage orb as an added utility effect?

They said in the article they’re changing it because they feel it’s inacessible. Not because it was a bug.

you must really not care about your queue times

I’m happy with the revert on Moira, the orb was one of those ideas that seems OK on paper, but when you test them out in-game they became pretty anti-fun for both the player and the people affected by the ability.

Imagine getting blade as Genji (or getting ult in general) only for Moira to go ‘NOPE!’ with a cooldown. I understand her expending ult to combat other ults, but a cooldown? We already have stuff like lamp.

Plus I’m guessing enfeeble + anti-nade was just oppressive as all heck.

Man, the audacity of you guys wasting dev time and resources, and an entire beta patch just to revert it anyways. I mean that is a good thing in the end because that orb and abilities like it have 0 places in a competitive FPS. But like, why spend so much time and resources where you know the back lash will be immediate? Pointless and barely a W.

Also, leave Mercy tf alone already.

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It’s a shame that Necro Orb is being removed. I thought it was neat, but it did kind of throw a wrench into her playstyle. I’m very glad they’re keeping the GA that they had this beta, that was good and a proper superjump put into it as well is also fantastic. Now please stop touching it before you get carried away.


“This means canceling the ability with crouch will launch her straight upwards, without having to look in that direction.” LETS FORKING GO. YES PLEASE. :wave::clap::dizzy::fire:

PLEASE stop facking with Mercy’s superjump! I’m getting really sick of hearing that you won’t leave well enough alone. You learned your lesson with Moira, what’s it going to take with Mercy?


I’m pretty … happy with this revert for Moira. As much as the proposed utility was EXTREMELY interesting … Moira’s complementary gameplay suffered a lot. Having the same directory and not having a skill for a CD was pretty unpleasant. If they try again with her I will still be happy, I prefer to see this kind of commitment. Although maybe in OW1 it would be just as useful to exploit in its final months.

However, I am sorry that we are not actually talking about the validity of Symmetra’s gameplay. the TP so fragile (even more so than tobjorn’s turret) and the considerations around the numbers rather than the “rules” of her kit (something Moira did instead, consider new rules) does not seem to me the ideal approach to help her face the 5v5.

I feel the Necrotic Orb should be saved as an ultimate for another hero (Maybe Support or Tank since it’s a supportive damage mitigation).

Curious to see how the Mercy crouch jump works.

Dude is playing qp the most with 1100 dmg amp per 10. No wonder you consider the hero “the worst”

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So, the next beta Aug 11th?

Good, the change showed that the character designers had no idea what her problems were. It made her less fun and in a game that relies on the heroes being fun to play that was a terrible move. It was also just not fun to play against. Moira needs a rework but not one that destroys why players have fun with her. The Moira change should of never been pushed if the devs had a strong understanding of the character.

Mercy changes are eh to me. On one had it felt clunky when I first started the hero but when I finally learned it was great having options (Although I would like some more). If I was a new player I would probably prefer the old GA, if I was an older player I would prefer the new GA. My suggestion is to try to make it more smooth like the old GA and keep the options of the new one. Mercy still needs improvement for her kit but its good to see a step forward instead of a step back.

I hope the Necrotic Orb effect can be recycled into a new hero’s kit! Orisa’s overhaul is disappointing to me primarily because it completely discarded her old kit. In the OW2 world of possibilities, it’s a bummer to have effectively lost a hero.

Glad to hear dev’s are listening to feedback.

But the progress on these heroes are soooo slow. The entire month of Beta 2 was dedicated to Mercy Moira and Sym.

So many other heroes are in terrible spots right now (like Reaper). This snail’s pacing is making me not excited for October.

Now you need to focus on balance some DPS coze Cree skill lvl is under the ground… that’s how ez this hero is, same with s76 and s77.

But good that moira changes didnt Stay, they where aweful, and mercy need some upgrates with ga.

because blizzard can never ever take the painfully obvious option

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Thank you for reverting Moira. I found her very fun to play as she was in OW1. I personally don’t see any big reason for a rework. Maybe I am biased, but I really do enjoy playing her as she is. I know that the friends I play with as well really liked Moira just the way she was. Very thankful for the revert.

I also am very eager to see the changes to Mercy. From my time in the beta, the directional control was a great addition (in my opinion).