One hand gives, the other takes away: Post-beta updates for Mercy and Moira

I’m glad that Moira’s changes are getting reverted. Necrotic orb was interesting but, the nerfs had completely destroyed her gameplay loop. It’s nice to see Mercy’s super jump become accessible to more players. I think reduced damage dealt should be on a new hero, not an existing hero.


Some good news for once. Sounds good on paper.

THANK YOU. I really disliked what they did to GA in the latest version of the beta. Made superjump unnecessarily complicated.

Adding the ability to activate superjump with crouch is the best compromise instead of having to either look up + space or look down, “S”, then space. A simple click of “crouch” is perfect.

Is that! , if they don’t change what actually makes it garbage in OW2 it will still be garbage with superjump.


While the purpose of the Necrotic Orb was to create “big play” moments for Moira, it completely defeats the purpose when the balance & power shift became where you were required to make “big play” moments to reach the same level of impact as original Moira.

The long cooldowns & ability to not deal chip damage from a distance to finish off enemies really hindered Moira’s ability to be seen as a threat, similar to when Sym 2.0 made the transition to Sym 3.0.

The moment the moving photon barrier, shield gen, & piercing orbs were removed and the number of turrets were reduced, players suddenly found it much easier to just rush her, despite the increase in her damage numbers because Sym is turned into a glass cannon.
Or a glass beam that require times to be as lethal as a cannon, to be more accurate.


It sucks that you can no longer superjump if you are close your team member. I would like that to come back tbh. It sucks u have to be a specific distance away to charge the new meter in order to get max height on super jump.

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This changes for mercy sound better, also moira getting reverted is a good desicion. Like other people said, 75% damage negation was way too much, maybe les damage reduction for less time and a lower cooldown would be better? I’ll say 25% damage negation would be good, idk about cooldowns lol, maybe 10 to 12 secs cooldown?.. Another thing not related to support would be if you guys could take a look at Sombra, for the hack duration and without the DPS higher mobility passive i think she could use her OW1 hack casting time because she gets way too easily interrupted in the beta. Or reduce her detection radius and also change the “DETECTED” text when she is hacking a healt pack or something and nobody is looking at her for something like “VISIBLE”. And lastly, EMP could use an extra second or two of abilities being disable when hit by it, it feels like she gets countered so easily.

  1. If it’s good eventually it’s probably worth it
  2. Devs aren’t only developing OW2 for the current 2022 playerbase.
  3. Devs probably want new, returning, and offrole players in the Support role, to address queue times

In some of my other posts, I talk about combining damage and enfeeble into one. If you get direct hit by orb, you convert its remaining energy into enfeeble. This would help prevent some bounce around and it would reduce strength of enfeeble on average. I also talk about moria needing to recall her orbs in order to restart her cooldown which also prevents silly bounce arounds and gives moria more to manage.

Honestly I don’t understand why Mercy changes need to be so complex. Can’t we just make it so that spacebar in GA slingshots, and spacebar+crouch in GA superjumps?

Why make such simple concept of jumping so complicated?

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Good damn riddance.

Worst change to Moira EVER.


It’s good to know they’re still iterating on GA/SJ. I do still think the meter should be ditched entirely. It either charges too slowly and adds limitations at closer ranges OR if you make it charge really fast as many have asked you to do, it will just be kind of pointless and not need to exist.

edit: and in terms of giving better height/distance control, I think using a key to stop momentum makes more sense then trying to pre-charge the meter to a specific value. In a fast paced game, playing with the meter to try to get a specific height or distance is not fun or engaging, it’s only limiting and annoying if it charges slowly enough to actually give you options in the first place.

I hope you’re restoring the maximum height/distance back to a higher value since the last iteration we saw was a clear nerf in that regard.

Having an up key will solve the biggest annoyances with camera directional controls since you wont have to look straight up or down. I do still think it would have been worth testing out an optional WASD system as well. Maybe nobody would bother with it if crouch to jump solves all the most annoying aspects of camera directional controls though. :man_shrugging:

On Moira, I’m glad they’re reverting her over keeping necrotic orb. I do think there were some other things you could test out to keep her old kit basically as it was while also adding a bit of utility on top, but if they don’t want to spend a lot of time testing out variations, I’d rather have her old version than the necrotic orb version.

What do you suggest that would improve Mercy?

Sad to see the Moira change gone. If they felt the cooldown made her too passive they could’ve tried lowering it to like 10 seconds in exchange for like 40-50 percent dmg negation instead. But oh well :man_shrugging:

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I don´t know if you guys are seeing this, but here’s some ideas for Moira after your decision to revert her. This ideas aim to keep her momment to momment gameplay intact (casting the orbs as she used to), but at the same time giving her more agency and impact in the game.

First of all her “Necrotic orb”: Keep the mechanic similar to the OW1 iteration, I mean, the orb bounces around as it used to. But, instead of doing pure damage, it could do a new kinda of utility: Corrupted health. What does this do: Corrupted health replaces normal health (only affects Health, does not affect barrier, armor and overhealth), it could be purple to be different from the other types of health bars already in the game. What effects the corrupted health has: a player cannot be healed unless the corrupted health is cleansed AND the player takes more damage in the corrupted health bar portion of their health (just like an armor type of health, but the opposite). To cleanse the corrupted health the player needs to be healed, but the ammount of healing they need to receive to cleanse the effect is bigger than the normal healing they need to heal the same amount of normal health loss. In this way the Necrotic orb stays the same way mechanically, but without the frustration it brings to play against (die by a crazy bouncing orb), and gives Moira a new kinda of utility, it is an anti heal, but with an interaction portion, enemies can cleanse the effect early by healing it.

The other idea I have is to give Moira the choice to use the fade in herself, or to somehow give it to her allies. She sacrifices her own survivability to save other players. It could be a good way to give her utility, without nerfing her, just giving the players options.

I think both options fits Moira perfectly, at least in her lore. She is the one responsable to giving Reaper his powers and it would be cool to give her the same kinda of power in the gameplay aspect of her kit. And the Corrupted health is a way for her to experiment on her enemies like she would love to do!

Most Mercy mains just wants her to do 60hps instead of 55. I think that’s pretty fair.


Not sure what they thought would happen with low damage and a large cooldown like that.

Problem with it was it was straight firing which made it hard to utilize the splash dmg to affect multiple targets. If they simply made it an arcing projectile like ana nade I think it would have been way stronger.

I don’t care one iota about the Mercy changes/reverts. I don’t play Mercy, I will never play Mercy. The most boring hero in the entire game, imo. But it sounds like Mercy fans like the revert, so good for them I suppose.

Moira. Well, so much for giving her impact. The whiners didn’t like not being able to use her as a psuedo-DPS anymore, so she goes right back to being useless. Granted, I don’t think Necrotic Orb was tuned well, the impact vs cooldown was just too extreme. (Also, devs, where is this high cooldown for high impact thinking when it comes to Ana? She’s got overwhelmingly the stongest ability in the ENTIRE GAME in anti-nade, and yet you don’t seem to think it minds being on a short cooldown, so why does Moira’s ability need to be so long?)

I’m saddened to know that this probably means they are just going to leave Moira dead. Frankly, if you pick Moira you’re throwing compared to Zen/Ana. But at least she can be the support who lives doing tickle damage while her team gets annihilated by a team with real supports.

Personally, I think 55hps is fair since you don’t have to aim with her beam and she doesn’t have to reload. 60hps is 10 more hps than Baptiste’s indirect hit of biotic launcher, which you still have to aim for (especially considering travel time).