One hand gives, the other takes away: Post-beta updates for Mercy and Moira

It needs to be done before OW 2 to iron out wrinkles (unintended features/bugs). I agree Mercy needs to be looked at and I am sure they agree also but first step’s first they feel the need to get this SJ situation figured out. This is to know what type of balancing around the ability will be needed.

So superjump cancel with crouch is an immediate yeet upwards. That sounds :duck:ing fantastic. Now all it needs is a toggle in the hero settings, because I guarantee someone will complain otherwise.

As for Moira getting reverted, I find this an overall net positive. If you make her in to a healbot that can ult cancel, of course people are going to play her as a healbot that ult cancels. I’m glad that it was recognized and fixed.

You still haven’t addressed the symm elephant, but I’m hopeful you guys are doing something that isn’t yet another nerf based off of artificially inflated numbers behind the scenes.


Damage Orb and Enfeeble? I don’t agree. One or the other.


I am not sure of this. I suspect they’re spending all their time and effort on super jump and will end up ignoring the rest of her kit for Overwatch 2.

It shouldn’t be a problem. They could work on her balance and her superjump at the same time. I think they’ve just gotten too caught up with one aspect, to the detriment of the other, and I’m annoyed because they chose the wrong aspect to focus on.


In regards to SuperJump.

The more I think about it, they really should just put this into the options menu.

Guardian Angel Jump

  • Simplified Input Method
  • Legacy Input Method

And let that tiny percentage that mastered the old tech keep their SuperJump/Slightshot stuff.

Mostly because

  1. It would save time and resources to work on other stuff
  2. Reduced bad PR
  3. Increased Support player hype and emotional buy-in

Here’s hoping they made it so that the GAMeter charges to full, then you get near to a teammate. Or alternatively, near to the ground.

Mercy players aren’t going to be happy if SuperJump doesn’t go as high as it used to, at typical play distances.

I.e. Weird that the needs like 25m for full jump height, but usually plays are like 10-15m away, given the beam length.

Also I would suggest automatically reducing jump height if somebody does:

  • GA > Rez > GAJump/SuperJump

Or raise/remove the height limit where Rez auto-cancels.

Oh yeah, and maybe consider an option to disable GAJump entirely in the options menu, all that people can use the old tech if they want to. (And just make sure the new tech is an upgrade)


Again its not wrong as it’s required for ow2. They could have just not touched Mercy at all like they are doing with most supports. The only reason they are even changing something on her is that there is a bug needing to be ironed out.

edit: My assumption is they want to keep supports impact the same before doing any crazy meta defining changes. Support changes and additions have always been a major meta changer and they don’t want to cause too much chaos in OWL with wide sweeping support buffs and nerfs.

How’s perma hack going tornado?

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I cant speak for the 500% modes specifically, but in Total Mayhem everyone complains about this, but honestly it’s like a non-issue. Sombra is so insanely easy to deal with between barriers and the amount of spam damage people can put out just to tickle her.
90% of the people who complain are doom and ball players.

I have to imagine in a 500% mode this is jacked up to the extreme and it’s probably even easier to deal with.

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More like they are making the game F2P which means grabbing TF2 Medic players, and former 2016/2018 Mercy mains. Both of which haven’t spent a ton of hours mastering the SuperJump glitch.

Her main problem in OW2 is somewhere else… she needs a whole rework on her kit, fixing the superjump won’t make Mercy any better because her problem isn’t there but in the rest of her kit.

"We hear you, and we can’t wait to show you what we come up with next! "

And this is another lie mentioned by the devs, listen? We’ve been saying a lot of times that Mercy needs improvements in other parts and they just play the superjump!!!


No one caaaaaaaares
Fix reaper,zen,doom etc. No one cares bout the stupid bug :expressionless::expressionless::expressionless:

hopefully the next rework will be better. yea there will probably anonther rework someday lol… knowing blizz

anyways i rejoice



Awesome, thanks for reverting :man_dancing: :dancer:

we can’t wait to show you what we come up with next!

Oh no, stop pls


Rather than 1 big thing she probably needs two set things.

So like 2 cooldowns that both give healing and damage/debuff options but each with a smaller power level and subsequent cooldown than enfeebling had. She needs options and choices that can effect the match if the goal is to balance her up the ladder and her competition is stiff.

It’s not required. They could have left the tech exactly as is and declared it by fiat to be a feature. This may not have been ideal from their point of view, but it would have been fine. It’s been working for years.

Mercy is struggling in Overwatch 2. They could refuse to address that issue. In fact, I think that’s very likely. I don’t think it’s wise though.

I don’t mind them working on superjump. I mind them only working on superjump while also pretending that it’s the main problem and refusing to acknowledge that she has any other issues.


Jesus christ does every single blog post need to focus on mercy’s superjump


Of course I agree but they want to obviously first fix the thing they think is a bug. Period

After that they might focus on making her better or more active in engagements till then they are removing a bug they should have looked at earlier so people didn’t become so attached to an untended interaction. They are looking at SJ only because of OW2.

Considering they need every Support player they can get their hands on to deal with queue times.

And there’s a ton of Mercy players, especially on console, returning from 2018 or earlier, or a former TF2 Medic main.


If they did nothing but make Supports happy until October 4th. That would be mostly fine.


Continually changing one feature on one single support is not making supports happy.

Besides, they could change it every week for all I care. I just don’t want to click on another blog post and it be at least 1/3 of it.

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just please please please stop touching mercys movement. change literally anything else in her kit