One hand gives, the other takes away: Post-beta updates for Mercy and Moira

One hand gives, the other takes away: Post-beta updates for Mercy and Moira

The Overwatch 2 Beta has wrapped up, and we would love to share and update on the Mercy and Moira changes!

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I would love to see Overwatch come to MacOS!

Also any update as to whether console game versions will get mouse and keyboard support would be very massively appreciated!


Happy to see Moira get reverted. Hopefully we can just leave her alone and focus on adding new supports.


Practice vs. AI needs better bots! :heart:


Tired of being devs focused on the superjump and not really where Mercy needs changes to stop being the worst support in OW2…


Well, not surprised Moira got reverted. The Necrotic orb was a great idea, but the piled on nerfs hurt the rest of her play way too much.

Interesting to see if the can fine tune the directional movement for Mercy.


moira revert is a good call but seriously, this is like the 4th time you tried to rework her damage orb.
I’d say moira is fine the way she is, especially in ow2 where she has definetely the self peel to really take care of herself, even more with the new role passive.

mercy… honestly, you could just keep GA the way it was and just made superjump easier.


aw man, this change made 500% modes bearable (aka no millions of damage orbs)


Oh thank god Moira got reverted. I hope you guys keep that Enfeeble for her R ability.
Something maybe more chill, like a 30% damage reduction for 5 sec.


not even an attempt at working on her kit around the orb so that the gaps in “gameplay” arent as large? or perhaps something else?

or just scrapping the idea of working on her altogether and leaving as is?

We’ll dive deeper into this in an upcoming statistics blog

also this sounds intriguing


Yessss they actually decided to not ruin moira and mercy for another month. Thank god. If those changes stuck i was done playing support


They’ll be removing M&K support so these losers get out of my console games


apple hate gaming out of iOS lol

they not support Vulkan and others API, it’s disgusting xD

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This means canceling the ability with crouch will launch her straight upwards, without having to look in that direction.

This is hopefully much better then the awkward look up SJ (especially for controller folks).

I do hope the resource meter is being looked at as well. The sad little hop felt real bad if you were “too close”.


Glad to see that they’re actually doing the reasonable thing but this is like the bare minimum. Having such a long iteration cycle with no feedback is already wearing away at player goodwill and motivation, and this is gonna murder their data quality.


They are focused on it because like they have stated yet again here its a bug. Even though they let it go as a core part of Mercy they are moving into OW 2 and obviously want to make it a legit part of the kit. (they are just having issues doing so)

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This is all good news to me.

I enjoyed aspects of the Moira rework, but it definitely had flaws, and I feel they could do better. And this Mercy’s superjump solution sounds like a good compromise. Plus, it sounds like they have no plans to change GA further, which I feel many will appreciate.

Also, confirmation that we’re getting a beta 2 stat report!


I understand the desire to standardize superjump. It’s a good goal to have. It can’t be the only goal though. It’s putting too much time and focus on something that shouldn’t be the top priority and absolutely can’t be the only priority. As a player, this whole process is exhausting and frustrating.

Please take some time to look at the rest of Mercy’s kit. She struggles in the 5v5 environment, and her struggles are completely unrelated to her movement tech.


for the first time since they started changing GA/SJ i actually like the sound of the upcoming iteration


I am once again suggesting that Moira’s damage orb apply a weaken effect to anyone it attaches to, something like 30% for 3 or 4 seconds.