On Reinhardt being removed from PTR


Has there been any announcements regarding this? What was the actual reason we can’t use him on PTR

Are they giving him some changes, or is he superbugged?


He crashes the server

The Brigitte Spaghetti Movement


Are you memeing, or did Blizzard actually say this


I think it’s pretty Obvious he’s scared of Torb. This whole Tank Buster rework was built to kill Reinhart for stealing his Daughter away form him.


Bill Warnecke said this on Reddit

The Brigitte Spaghetti Movement





He was so buggy to the point where he crashes the servers, so they had to disabled him.


poor grandpa is so buggy he makes the game unplayable for everyone. :,(

last time I saw a hero disabled it was dva bc if you picked her she would suddenly change the map lmao.


It’s only happened one other time besides these two, and it was when Soldier’s Camo skins literally made him invisible really early in the game’s life


Since it’s Reinhardt that we’re talking about, this is the most likely answer (yes I know the real one, but isn’t far from it)