Omnic Singer Voicelines glitch or error?


Is’nt there a mistake on some of Luna (the omnic singer) voicelines?

Here is what I heard :

Tel un chat on ‘t’ peut m’apprivoiser … it seem’s weird, why is there a “T” in the middle of what she says? Is it some voiceline glitch? Or did they try to make “can’t” like in English (but it’s not working in french grammar)?

Tel un chat on peut m’apprivoiser or Tel un chat on ne peut m’apprivoiser are correct, but have complete different meanings… (for those wondering, it means Like a cat I can be tamed or Like a cat I can’t be tamed)

Because Tel un chat honte peut m’apprivoiser doesn’t make any sense at all, but that’s what I heard :woman_shrugging:


I checked it as well and you’re right there’s definitely a “t” sound that should’nt be there. Because it’s a voice line I doubt they are gonna fix it by the time the map goes live (if they ever do so) :confused:
Sinon il est cool ce spawn en tout cas!


Ouaip, canon ce spawn oui :wink:



please ;-;


Have you heard the mistake again on the live client ? I’m not 100% sure of what I heard but they may have fixed it actually


Yeah I don’t hear it anymore =)