Here’s a suggestion for talent systems for the heroes of Overwatch:

The talent system introduces three talent paths for each hero:

  1. Standard Path: This path represents the heroes as we know them, with their default abilities and values.
  2. Tactical Path: In this path, the heroes’ abilities remain the same, but their values are tweaked to offer different gameplay options. For example, let’s consider Genji’s Shuriken ability.
  • Standard Talent: Genji throws 3 shurikens rapidly in succession.
  • Tactical Talent: Genji throws 10 shurikens rapidly in succession, but each shuriken deals 60% of the regular damage. Afterward, Genji needs to reload.
  1. Azerothian Path: Each Overwatch hero gains a counterpart from the Warcraft universe, and their abilities are adapted accordingly. These abilities are inspired by their Azerothian counterparts. For instance, let’s focus on Genji’s Shuriken ability.
  • Azerothian Talent: Genji’s Shuriken ability is replaced with “War Glaives of Azzinoth,” turning Genji into a melee fighter. He wields dual war glaives, enabling close-quarters combat.

These talent paths allow players to customize and modify their heroes’ abilities, offering diverse playstyles and strategic choices within the Overwatch universe.

I will now gradually introduce the heroes and the tactical and Azerothian talents they can choose between.

Genji - Counterpart: Illidan

Tactical Path (Unleash the Dragon’s Fury)

  1. Storm of Shurikens: Genji’s Shuriken ability now throws ten shurikens rapidly, but each shuriken deals reduced damage.

  2. Shifting Impact : Genji’s Swift Strike no longer deals damage but instead propels an enemy a significant distance away upon impact.

  3. Shadow Veil : Genji becomes invisible and invulnerable for 2 seconds while using Deflect, and his movement speed is increased by 250%.

  4. Dragon’s Resurgence : Genji taps into his inner strength, channeling the power of the dragon within. For a short duration, Genji’s abilities are enhanced, and he gains increased movement speed, improved damage, and reduced ability cooldowns. Additionally, during this time, any enemy eliminated by Genji will reset the cooldown of his Swift Strike ability, allowing him to chain together swift strikes and swiftly dispatch multiple foes.

Azerothian Path (Illidan, the Betrayer):

  1. Warglaives of Azzinoth: This one replaces Genji’s Shuriken ability. Genji swiftly strikes enemies with his demonic blades, dealing damage and applying a minor DoT effect.
  1. Demonic Dash: Genji gains the ability to dash with 25% dmg through enemies, leaving a trail of fel fire that damages and slows affected targets.

  2. Demon’s Barrier: Genji channels the demonic essence within him, creating a barrier that absorbs incoming projectiles and converts them into energy. When activated, Genji’s Demon’s Barrier absorbs all incoming damage from enemy projectiles for a short duration. Additionally, for each projectile absorbed, Genji gains a temporary damage boost to his next Shuriken or melee attack, empowering his offensive capabilities.

  3. Metamorphosis: Genji transforms into a mighty demon for 20 seconds. His health is increased, and damage dealt also heals him.
    His Shuriken or War Glaives are replaced with Demon’s Blitz.
    Demon’s Blitz are slow projectiles that explode upon impact, dealing high damage.

Pls dont forget, that you can mix these talents.

Symmetra - Counterpart: Tyrande

Tactical Path (Enhanced Constructs)

  1. Reinforced Turret: Symmetra can now only deploy a single Sentry Turret, but this turret has increased durability, allowing it to withstand more damage.
    Additionally, for each second the turret continuously damages a target, its damage is increased by 10%.

  2. Singular Teleporter: Symmetra can now deploy only a single Teleporter, while simultaneously activating one in the team’s base.
    After 5 uses, the Teleporter is destroyed. The cooldown for the Teleporter is tripled.

  3. Plasma Barrage: Symmetra’s basic attacks are transformed into Plasma Balls. When charged, Symmetra unleashes a barrage of horizontally fired Plasma Balls. The number of Plasma Balls fired horizontally depends on the charge, ranging from 1 to 5.
    Additionally, Plasma Balls have the ability to penetrate shields, making them more powerful against shielded targets.

  4. Energy Stasis: Symmetra’s ultimate ability, the Photon Barrier, no longer absorbs damage. Instead, enemies that come into contact with the barrier are slowed by 90% for 5 seconds.

Azerothian Path (Tyrande)

  1. Guardian Sentry Symmetra’s Sentry Turrets no longer deal damage. Instead, they reveal enemies in their vicinity. Only two Sentry Turrets can be deployed.

  2. Eternal Teleportation Symmetra deploys a Teleporter that, after 30 seconds, teleports all heroes within 100 meters to its location and gets destroyed in the process. If the Teleporter is destroyed within the 30-second timeframe, the ability is lost. Elune’s Blessing has a cooldown of 2 minutes and emits an alarm to all enemies upon its deployment.

  3. Lunar Arrow Symmetra shoots an arrow that deals 50 damage and applies a Damage over Time (DoT) effect called “Moonfire.” The Lunar Arrow can be charged to enhance the Moonfire DoT.

  4. Elune’s Eclipse Symmetra invokes Elune’s Eclipse, casting a Lunar Veil upon her entire team. This veil grants them the ability to become invisible, increasing their movement speed by 50% and restoring 50 health per second. However, heroes will become visible again once they attack or are attacked.

Mei - Counterpart: Jaina

Tactical Path (Frosty Tactics)

  1. Single Freeze Shot : Mei can only shoot a single projectile, but when it hits an enemy, the enemy becomes frozen until the projectile is recalled or the enemy dies. While an enemy is frozen, Mei’s weapon has no ammunition.

  2. Freeze-plosion : Ice Block no longer restores health, but when Mei thaws out, it freezes all nearby enemies, immobilizing them and preventing them from moving.

  3. Ice Circle : Instead of forming a wall, Mei’s Ice Wall creates a circle of 8 ice pillars. When properly placed, this circle can trap enemies within its confines.

  4. Snowball’s Frost Barrage: Mei throws her companion, Snowball, who starts firing a single freeze shot. This shot guarantees to freeze the enemy it hits, freeze them until they die or are released from the freeze effect. Snowball has only one ammunition for this shot.
    Once the frozen enemy dies, Snowball’s attack recharges.

Azerothian Path (Jaina)

  1. Frost Blitz : Mei’s basic attack is replaced by Frost Blitz. She can now fire projectiles that slow down enemies by 20% upon impact.

  2. Frost Nova / Blink: Mei’s ability Ice Block is replaced by Frost Nova, which renders all nearby enemies unable to move for a short duration. Within 3 seconds after casting Frost Nova, the ability can be used again as “Blink,” allowing Mei to teleport a short distance forward.

  3. Mirror Image: Mei’s ability Ice Wall is replaced by Mirror Image. Mei summons a copy of herself that does not use any abilities and roams around aimlessly.

  4. Snowflake Control: Mei’s ultimate ability allows her to control Snowflake for 20 seconds. Snowflake’s basic attack fires Frost Bolts.
    Snowflake can activate Blizzard, summoning a Blizzard at the current location that damages enemies upon contact and freezes them after a certain duration.
    The control over Snowflake ends after 20 seconds, upon Snowflake’s death, or upon the activation of Blizzard.

Is there any Counterpart which you would like to see?

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dam … hate to break to you but they got rid of the talent system and we are just getting story/cinematic archive type missions. no talent tree or progression

if you already know that?


This is huge I’m loving these ideas!

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…what? What do you mean by “it´s comming into OW”? Source?

Poor guy. He doesn’t know.

I appreciate your effort, some of the talents sound really cool.

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Ignorance is bliss

Small information: they scrapped the PvE game completely. We will only get some archives style story missions every season.

They didn’t scrap PvE completely. The main PvE is the campaign.

They scrapped the secondary mode which is still weird because talent system aside it is demonstrably less work.

Yeah, maybe we could see them soon in game, would be cool!