Okay, the joke is over, when are we getting mass rez back?

the only joke here is this thread, mass rez is never coming back, it shouldn’t have been in the game ever in the first place


This joke about mass revive coming back is getting old. :neutral_face:

Except what we have now is much slower and less effective than tempo res’s back then. Before, tempo res’s also included 2 people, and you could do it qithout interrupting the “tempo” of a fight. Now, you only get 1 person and the cast time and range makes it much, much riskier and rarer to do.

Is that why Mercy was largely considered trash throughout the years while she had Mass Res?

Because Mass Res was OP?

Basic communication and forethought countered it hard, but people got salty when they had to think, so they complained instead.

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Just because you can counter something doesn’t mean that it isn’t op. By that logic brig 1.0 was okay.

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Brig was OP and used in every match because of it.

Meanwhile people preferred to run double off healers because the two main healers of the time (Mercy and Ana) were both worthless outside of extreme and niche circumstances.

It wasn’t OP, otherwise people would’ve abused it a lot more.

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I still think this post is the best way to change mercy around and make her a bit more fun/interactive. I knows she’s in a pretty good and viable spot rn but I still think she could be waaay more fun

The real joke is the people who are holding out for Mass Rez to come back. Hahaha. See? I’m laughing because it’s funny.


I miss shouting at the one remaining Rein with 50 hp, holding his shield in the corner to just let them kill him, as I sweat bullets looking at the timer on the other corpses.

You played with garbage mercy mains. Hide and Rez is a very poor use of Mass Rez, not to mention it has the same counterplay as every other ability in the game that people complain about: “Just shoot her”. If that argument doesn’t work against mass rez, then it doesn’t work against sombra hack.

Not to mention the fact that if the enemy team sees that you have no mercy (cause she’s hiding) they can just pummel your team without ults and then when the mercy swoops in just shoot her, or if the rez goes off, then use dps ults to completely destroy the mercy ult. Basic gamesense and keeping track of the enemy mercy makes hide and rez worthless, I’m tired of seeing it used as a defense against why mass rez was bad.

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i want mass rez and all but it was fun while it lasted it literally broke the game

Well I was in bronze. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sorry you had to endure that hellhole my friend.

Actually bronze could be fun at times because you could do the most random BS that would normally get you slaughtered in literally any other rank and still win because reasons. Lol.

the fact that all you needed to do was survive when pretty much every other ultimate in the game needed more strategy and some even mechanical skill and could all be reverted was perhaps the worst thing this game has ever seen. It wouldnt have been so bad had mercy been a more static target but shes quite the opposite.

It’s 2018 again, fellas. Get your helmets on.

A support that was required to stop supporting so they could support ended up being a pointless game of cat and mouse. Not to mention it would mean Mercy is 100% required every game if you wanted to win. I’m glad it’s gone.

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That Junkrat must have been like…

Complete Honesty I disagree with you. Saying rez has no skill is like saying hitting a headshot on widow or naked blading takes no skill. People unfortunately don’t understand the complexities of Mercy. Yes she has a low difficulty, but saying she is not skillful because you can’t focus her down is your own fault. I do agree mass rez shouldnt be brought back, but I don’t think removing rez is an answer either. Its similar to baps imo field, its kinda busted if you know how to play bap, but there is plenty of counter play. Its also similar to sombra, mei, or moira (which i hate to say). Its honestly due to peoples lack of awareness and game sense if you can’t manage to kill the mercy that’s rezzing. She is Literally standing in one spot with a heavy penalty to movement for 1.75s which is a long time. So to reiterate I’m saying lack of gamesense and awareness is why you think mercy shouldn’t have rez. Honestly imo mercy is in one of the best places shes been in ever. She isn’t broken or nerfed to the ground. She is Balanced.

Yeah, I wouldn’t give mass res back. That’s good for Mercy, not so good for real people. Because “With great power, comes great responsibility.” and 90% of the people on this game are irresponsible. XD

Wouldn’t mind a new buff though for her.

it’s the enemy teams fault for being trash at ult economy. if they don’t know how to communicate and use their ultimates effectively, that’s on them, not the mercy. because frankly, you’re never supposed to use 6 ults in a single teamfight :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

damn, mercy could revive her 5 teammates AND herself when she pressed Q? i think now i know why people are still advocating for mass rez to come back. sometimes i joke around “so when is mercy gonna be able to rez herself?” (just like ana can nano herself in ffa), but if she was able to do that already when mass rez was still in the game, then just wow. i must’ve surely overlooked that when i played her a few days before the rework. god damn, i should’ve just died then and there to get that +1 rez!!!