Okay so... what's with the Moira nerf?

I’m not asking this in a “why did they nerf her” way but more in a “what does the nerf even do” way cause the patchnote has been quite vague on that regard and people are talking about her getting a nerf. So what’s up with that?

Moira’s healing piss spray is blocked by barriers.

This is made even worse due to the fact that it’s really buggy. If one bit of the healing cone is touching a barrier, the whole thing just doesn’t work.


Continuing the discussion from Overwatch PTR Patch Notes – June 5, 2018:

Basically, if your teammate is behind an enemy barrier, you can’t heal them with L-Click.
It was labelled as a bug months ago, not sure why, she doesn’t need that nerf.

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This, this part is very important to highlight:


Yep, it’s extremely buggy.

I’m guessing that they haven’t figured out how to fix it yet based on the recent bug fixes on PTR.

Lúcio can heal through enemy barriers.

Mercy can.

Ana can’t (I mean, it’s a bullet projectile type thing. Duh it won’t go through an enemy barrier).

Brigitte can.

Zenyatta can (if the orb is on the target before they go behind it)

So why can’t Moira? I mean, it’s practically a gaseous liquid. So why can’t it go through a barrier that people can walk through?

Oh… Well, okay. Thanks guys.

Kinda disapointed coming back to this after not playing for a while, but i’m not exactly surprised either…

Think i’m being reminded why i stopped in the first place.