Okay, so the Hamster


Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll add Jetpack Kitty in the future.


asian mythology has always been heavily influenced by the mystic and spiritual world and its beasts.

it actually fits.


And an Uncle Pennybags skin for Torbjorn.


Just seems like needless picking and choosing what makes sense in your head cannon(canon? Frick this word).

We have a talking Gorilla thats the result of genetic manipulation ON THE MOON, a Minotaur Robot built by a hyper intelligent pre-teen girl, a floating Robot Monk who found robot god and helped convert a homicidal cyborg into the peak of peace, David Bowie that shoots magic healing glitter… and you’re here, with a straight face, seriously having a problem with a Intelligent Hamster?

Frankly, this boils down to some other chip on your shoulder, not Overwatch lore. This character fits as well as any.


Literally me. This represents me on a molecular level


Well, he’s now on the PTR. Here are his abilities:

And here is the origin story:

Unfortunately, none of it today was a joke.





Whats wrong with Disney? You know its not just for 6 year olds right? I guess your parents never loved you.

As for the hamster itself…you never see it so whats the problem?


You do, actually. It’s constantly on top of Wrecking Ball in its walker mode and serves as the character’s headshot crit box. That’s a pretty big hampster, too - looks to be as big as Torbjorn’s head, and that’s saying something.


Seriously? Forget the hamster. It’s the mech you’re playing, just like dva only more so since the hamster doesn’t eject from time to time. Sure it would have been more fun if they stuffed Teryon Lanistor in that mech, but still… it’s just the mech you’re playing.


At least in the real Marvel Comics continuity, Rocket comes from another damned planet and wasn’t genetically engineered on Earth.

He comes from Halfworld in the Keystone quadrant, where animal companions were genetically engineered to have intelligence to be companions for the criminally insane imprisoned there.

And, for a majority of his appearances, they’ve always been in the off-humor titles and issues. Long before we got the 21st century GoTG from Dan Abnett.

As far as the MCU, outside of Infinity War, he appears in the GoTG films, which are a comedy by design. They were based on Abnett’s 2008 comic book version of the Guardians of the Galaxy, which spun out of Annihilation: Conquest.


Ah, yes, realism. A DJ able to heal people with good music. How real. A mech suit able to explode and somehow come back to the pro gamer. Infinite shotguns that are able to be tossed on the floor. A little girl building a talking robot that makes people stronger. A person able to bring people back to life. A talking gorilla. A random guy able to shoot 6 people with his ultimate even if he has 1 ammo. Throwing a black hole out of a gun. A floating robot capable of revealing his multiple arms while healing his friends. A girl literally able to stop people from running and rolling. Some random woman able to fade out of existence. The game isn’t supposed to be realistic.


Hammond is ADORABLE, so who wouldn’t wanna shoot it in the face repeatedly until it dies, falls off a cliff or gets blown up? Wait…

All jokes aside though, Hammond is BY FAR my new favorite hero. So I’m gonna defend and offend some people for him. Super-intelligence has always been my favorite superpower. (Yes it is a super power in my opinion, fight me.) Add in the fact that he is a small adorable hamster, so he is kinda underestimated by his enemies, which is a trait that I find admirable. As for him in Overwatch, I LOVE the play-style. Now that he is on the PTR, being able to quickly go from ball-form and then back to mech and mow people down is such a fun concept. I love grappling hook mechanics in games, so that will be fun to learn. And a new tank is long overdue, so maybe we focus on the game play positives that this brings, okay?

Anyway, the lore of this game is pretty long-gone so anyone who was expecting some intricate connected and somewhat grounded Rick and Morty level storytelling was at the wrong game to begin with. They specifically made the game with the mindset of wacky characters that would fit in with no game other than Overwatch (And heroes of the storm.) They based the game off of diversity, and sadly, the community pretty much does what the rest of humanity does with diverse people. Oppresses them. I mean, look at Brigitte, Hanzo, Moira, etc. I’m even guilty for it, so nobody is innocent. Obviously I’m generalizing here but, you get the idea.

Just relax and let blizzard do what they want. I can guarantee that this will not be the weirdest character they add, so if you are triggered, I would…stop playing pretty soon.


It does tho, because Brigitte made JPC. Hammond was a genetically altered hamster that wanted to escape.

Makes sense to me



  • We have a genetically altered, peanut butter-addicted Gorilla
  • 2 brothers, one of witch is 90% robot, can summon giant floating dragons just by chanting a phrase in Japanese
  • a lava eating midget
  • A woman that can rewind or fast forward her own timeline
  • an explosive-proof maniac
  • a guy who can get incinerated by electricity and return just by turning into a black mist
  • a woman who LITERALLY sucks the life out of your cells.

Realism left the moment this game was thought of.


Lol hamterz rule! rawr XD
Seriously, this game is a meme. What better character to encourage people to play a tank effectively?

the hamster will crush all!

This character is jokey enough to ease us into Jetpack Cat.


Thank you very much.


Honestly the gameplay is good, but the lore is kinda getting crapped on. I think a hamster is more of something they can get away with instead of artistic vision.


Dude, I’m a huge science nerd who gets angry at very little details of sci-fi movies and games, but this is Overwatch, we have lots of things that are just SCI-FANTASY and not Sci-fi:

  1. All healing is ridiculous :smiley:
  2. Double Dragons!
  3. Photons turning into solid matter without forming blackholes.
  4. Infinite ammo
  5. A girl who has a nuke in her mech, but she doesn’t get hurt by it’s explosion.

and last but not least:

  1. Winston


dont understand why they keep releasing heroes when we have about half that are borderline not viable.