Ok.... yeah.. Remove Hero bans

I never really had a problem till now. REMOVE HERO BANS. Without Zarya to keep A hole players in check this is not comp anymore. It’s a want to cut your own neck form of quick play.

Mei, Dva, Sombra, Junkrat, Hog and even Sym to a point are just trolling the game. As a tank there is next to nothing you can do to counter them now. Wasn’t that the whole point of this game, to pick heroes that counter others and out play them?!

Now as soon as the game starts if they have any of the above heroes and if your dps do nothing to help, your just watch a slow train wreck and you’re on the train, its SOOO painfull.


It’s all good till a certain character gets banned this is what you signed up for when you play comp during a ban season. Eventually every character will have had a ban.


Zarya is probably my best hero and while I’d rather she not be banned, I knew it would happen eventually. Just play these hero’s she counters yourself while she’s banned.

Don’t play comp if you don’t like what they are doing with it. If enough people do this, blizzard will change it real quick.

This is not a joke. Remove this BS system. it’s making people playing the game way to toxic to each other. Because with in our role there is no way to counter said heroes. Meaning we have to ask another role, and you know what never works out… You can never ask someone what to play in thing game without it turning into world war 3.

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It’s not a tanks job to counter them but saying that any tank can easily kill any of those characters.

I can imagine that these lacks that we realize now in comp can eventually lead to fresh champ designs that work-alike, meaning something similar to bubble but with a twist on another tank in the future, because we see now more than ever what lacks against what and what doesnt work when certain champs are just not available. I doubt tho that blizz will capitalize on the results, they are just too busy with OW two and everything is fine actually, according to a few addicts with over 3k posts on the forums… *sips tea in burning house

No it was not because you are not playing 1v1 game. If you are good at it, you can counter Phara as Junkrat on some maps. You don’t have to be Reaper to counter Winston, you don’t have to be Soldier 76 and McRee to counter Pharah.

This has nothing to do with hero bans. This is simply people not able to imagine a world, without hero bans, where you could have played same game without same heroes as long as you knew how to freaking switch.

Sure yeah, you can go on and claim how “I want to play just one hero” and yeah you can do that and constantly whine about hero bans and your lost games. It won’t be a surprise and Blizzard won’t remove hero bans because of that.

Well they also banned Pharah, who was another good counter to the trash troll heroes.