Ok, WTF matchmaker?

I’m solo que, it’s easier in high silver and low gold to solo as a healer and help the team.

I was wondering why we were getting spanked so hard…until i realized we were placed against a six stack.

What the hey. If I wanted that I would have joined a 6 stack myself.

We got stomped hard. Full on communication vs what you typically see in solo que…one person making shots and everyone else moving in somewhat the same direction.

Talk about humiliating.

And yes I would have rather waited around for 15-20 minutes for a match as opposed to do something like that.


Because the Matchmaking in any FPS isn’t perfect. Contrary to what most diehard defenders of the OW Devs think, they are in indeed fallible. Much like their entire SR/MMR system. It’s not perfect. Some players fall through the cracks.

On a sidenote? That keening, mewling wail you hear when you post anything close to a criticism of the OW Devs System? That sound you hear are the diehard defenders rallying.

it’s not that hard to put 2 and 2 together

think if Overwatch were 100v100, how much worse the problem would be.

It’s not for your benefit, but the 6-stack. They’re the ones who would have to wait an eternity if they could only be matched against another 6-stack.

the last time i heard about this thing, the rumor said the 6 stack are WAAAAAAAAY lower SR than your 6 randoms

to have the we are 6 “we suck but we are together” Vs We are Better Players in general, if we comunicate = gg ez

I havr noticed that 6 stack players get matched against a 6 stack, but sometimes its too hard to find 6 stack matches so you are against them. Btw its kind of true that if you solo queue and have a match agaimst 6 stack players you ramdom player are better talking about sr, but nit always, i,ve been put agains a 6 stack with 2 masters and 4 diamons whereas we were 6 diamonds and the match sr was 3425 vs 3460, not so much difference but it still being a difference.

Yep this is it.

The matchmaker is programmed to try and mirror the teams as much as possible. But the longer you wait in queue, the more of those “filters” are removed.

First it says something like "Alright there are no 6 stacks to match with, what about a 4+2 stack? No? What about 2+2+2? No? Well then I guess we’ll take 6 solo players. (This probably happend after the 6-stack had waited in queue for quite a while)

The matchmaker tried finding a 6-stack to match with the 6-stack you played against, but couldn’t find any. It eventually gave up and put them against 6 solo queue players.
It’s unlucky but it happens.

Soon you won’t even be able to see who’s in a stack anymore. So you could be playing against a sweaty 6 stack and not even know it. Also, I avoid large stacks all the time on both teams. Now I won’t even know who to avoid.

Will they be doing away with the white bars connecting team stacks?

Yes they removed it on the PTR

Eh, that will get rid of some frustration…ya just won’t know haha