OK, NOW can we nerf Genji?

So, we’ve waited a while now, and we’ve seen Genji at the top level (OWL). Like, can anyone argue that Genji’s not OP now? He’s dominating the Summer Showdown right now, to the point that lower-tier teams are upsetting better teams solely because of their Genji players. I don’t know if anyone on here watched the Seoul Dynasty or NYXL games, but Profit and Haksal were getting Dragonblades every other team fight, if not sooner. It was absolutely disgusting. Genji OP plz nerf


His buff has just made the game extremely boring.

Every single match has a Genji now.


Ya watched alittle bit of summer showdown. For me, this Genji meta is so stupid to watch. Worse than the old Sombra EMP meta. Whoever has the better Genji wins.

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