Ok. If mercy isn't fun. How to rework? And why a mercy main theory

Ask the guy I replied to who used that word.

Landing a good pin or hammer down as Reinhardt feels super impactful. Is Reinhardt OP?

Landing a FB + FtH/HS combo or getting a multi kill with Deadeye feels impactful. Is McCree OP?

Saving your Reinhardt after he gets pinned by the enemy Reinhardt as Moira feels super impactful. Is she OP?

Burning down the enemy team as Sentry Bastion feels super impactful. Is Bastion OP?

Heroes can absolutely have impact while being balanced or even being under powered.

Mass rez was OP which is what a revert involves. I don’t see how other heroes are relevant to that.

Impact makes a hero feel important.
I feel like a useless healbot that can’t even sustain her allies when I’m playing Mercy.
Even when I’m ulting.

She’s boring. She doesn’t help. She needs a revert.

Mass res wasn’t the OP part. IT was her instant cast and the fact that she was invulnerable during casting.

You can do what Titanium said here:

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I understand. You want OP Mercy, which we’ll never have again.

She wasn’t OP until they made her invulnerable during casting but okay.

Basically what I’m saying is that, by their very existence, nearly every other hero proves they can make heroes that feel like they can change the course of the game WITHOUT being ridiculously overpowered.

Honestly… Old Mercy did have a lot of Impact with Mass Resurrect and Mass Resurrect wasn’t overpowered, especially not before they gave it invulnerability… which in retrospect was super dumb.

That’s what current Mercy is missing. The feeling that their play and choices can change the course of the game. The only time I ever get that out of current Mercy is when I go attack helicopter mode.

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Sorry I wasn’t paying attention when I hit reply to your message.

So I never did this but Rez was abused so matches would be 5v6 with mercy hiding not healing and waiting for 3-5 players to die and swoop in, ult, and boom full squad.

I still hit meaningful impact as current mercy. I can try digging for videos later on WiFi if you want proof of mercy impact.

I’m familiar with that. I didn’t do it either… but that didn’t stop me from getting accused of hiding and rezzing at least once.

I’ve gotten some instances of feeling impact as current Mercy… but it is neither as common nor as intense as what Mass Resurrect gave. It’s not as frequent or intense as it is on Ana or Moira either.

My opinion Ana is really hard to feel like you had a significant impact.

Moira, I’m reminded of Stylosa posting a gold medal on twitter following a team mate complaing about healing. Sty had over 25k healing on that medal at about 28% team damage.

A personal experience as Brigg. Teammate “can we get a real healer?”. I check my stats gold elim, gold damage, gold healing. End match the card on healing was around 7K for about 30% team damage.

Anyone can make us feel like crap because they think we do nothing.

mmm, maybe it’s because in my group of friends I sometimes end up moonlighting as the main tank. Because of that I know how quick Reinhardt can go down in the middle of a brawl on point… so when my Ana healing makes him live through literally the entire fight, I know I did work.

But you are right… people generally have a very poor idea of what exactly their healers are doing for them.


According to Overbuff, Bronze and Silver prefer Moira, she even has the higer winrate. In Gold and Platinum Ana is preferred with Moira behind her.

So really, Mercy is not the preferred healer in any rank, even bronze…

Your talking to a flex main. I know how quick Rein can go down. lol

Tracking in this match was crap but remember that Comp death match? This match was rewarding despite not being on an A game.

Free For all Deathmatch

I choose this one!

but sadly mercy mains aren’t a single entitiy as much as they like to say they are, they have different opinions about the hero and you cannot throw them all in the same bag… what I’m trying to say is that no matter what the change is, even if it’s the one that titanium or whatever came up with, there will be people complaining so… complains aren’t particularly a good measure point to make changes…

There is also the impossibility of the playstyle they are suggesting, they want a complete pacifist hero which mercy is NOT, she has never been even if you managed to climb by holding left click infinitely, she has always had a gun and choosing not to use is personal preference

There cannot be a character who focuses only on supporting, the closest thing I can think of is Soraka from league of legends and even she has autoattacks and can deal a chunk of damage if she needs to

A character with zero damage is honestly ridiculous

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I love stats as much as the next person but the problem with stats is they can’t always track what you need. That missed the important question here. How much of that is the players that finally feel like they can play other hero’s with the buffs they just got?

You don’t know if it’s driven because Rez sucks and should be replaced… I mean because Mercy just got nerfed.

With some help she can be pretty awesome without healing.

Mercy Kicks Butt Here

I have no Ana POTG’s but Mercy is pretty easy by comparison. But that’s based on my play style and skill set.

And your right there will always be different viewpoints on an ability.

  1. Mercy is not balanced.
  2. Maybe suck it up and accept that, in the game of Overwatch, not every hero needs to depend on high mechanical skill.

Mercy players do want a team-oriented playstyle, but they also want a hero that is mentally challenging, with a strong emphasis on awareness, prediction and strategic decision-making–as opposed to a hero where they have to constantly be staring down their crosshairs.
And you know what?
That’s perfectly fine.

Maybe Blizzard should work on forcing Mercy players to make more complex choices and making those decisions matter rather than turning her into another COD clone just because internet crybabies can’t handle the idea of getting outmanouevered.


Look I know you think we’re no-aim-no-brain mercy mains, but we can do math.