Ok. If mercy isn't fun. How to rework? And why a mercy main theory

That’s one option to fix it. It’s not fun in the slightest when your just a target locked there.

I’ll inject an idea just because I’m not really suggesting how it could be fixed and just saying Rez is a problem.

What if Rez became something like Angelic Light and had an effect like a Lucio’s amp it up?

What if they water down her ult to an ability that replaced Rez. Make a new Ult called “Batlle Mercy” she sheds healing light in an aoe heal and auto equips her blaster.

I don’t see a problem with making her ult a single instant rez. If it’s too weak, lower the ult charge to compensate. Give her an E that compliments her mobility, like a fly to beam target that has a separate cooldown than GA.

Or just a burst heal on a resource meter, heck.

Something like that would be far more fun than what we currently have.

Other possible E’s would be the Pacify ability that Titanium and Co came up with. Or just a simple point and click Damage Resistance shield thing.

I’m not familiar with Titaiums suggestion. I’m not on here much.

It’s basically a skill shot that does no damage but reduces an enemies damage by 33%… let me see if I can find it…

Found it


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Ah that sounds really good as well.

This may just be me bantering now…

I don’t Main Mercy but I do like her skill set. She has been hit a lot by the nerf bat lately but I think some time is needed to adjust to the changes. (Though Rez is a legit topic to discuss now. My opinion.)

So I didn’t play any Mercy for several seasons. When I stopped playing OW (took a break) Mercy was losing her Rez ult. Just to give you perspective. I came back and when I tried to play like I used to I was cursing at her being unplayable. Then I started watching RagTagg on YouTube and I started to master my rage back into a Battle Mercy. RagTagg would disapprove. But when I got past the rage saying she’s not playable I started kicking butt again.

My point is there is a learning curve after changes. Yes you have legit discussions still. I just had to voice that because I seen a lot of Mercy rage in the last 2 days.

If impact makes a hero fun, they’ll never be fun for you in a balanced state.

Idk about the first reason, Mercy is the easiest she’s ever been

Could you define impact?

Ask the guy I replied to who used that word.

Landing a good pin or hammer down as Reinhardt feels super impactful. Is Reinhardt OP?

Landing a FB + FtH/HS combo or getting a multi kill with Deadeye feels impactful. Is McCree OP?

Saving your Reinhardt after he gets pinned by the enemy Reinhardt as Moira feels super impactful. Is she OP?

Burning down the enemy team as Sentry Bastion feels super impactful. Is Bastion OP?

Heroes can absolutely have impact while being balanced or even being under powered.

Mass rez was OP which is what a revert involves. I don’t see how other heroes are relevant to that.

Impact makes a hero feel important.
I feel like a useless healbot that can’t even sustain her allies when I’m playing Mercy.
Even when I’m ulting.

She’s boring. She doesn’t help. She needs a revert.

Mass res wasn’t the OP part. IT was her instant cast and the fact that she was invulnerable during casting.

You can do what Titanium said here:

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I understand. You want OP Mercy, which we’ll never have again.

She wasn’t OP until they made her invulnerable during casting but okay.

Basically what I’m saying is that, by their very existence, nearly every other hero proves they can make heroes that feel like they can change the course of the game WITHOUT being ridiculously overpowered.

Honestly… Old Mercy did have a lot of Impact with Mass Resurrect and Mass Resurrect wasn’t overpowered, especially not before they gave it invulnerability… which in retrospect was super dumb.

That’s what current Mercy is missing. The feeling that their play and choices can change the course of the game. The only time I ever get that out of current Mercy is when I go attack helicopter mode.

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Sorry I wasn’t paying attention when I hit reply to your message.