Ok Boomer. Really?

Depends on the country. Not everywhere handled it badly.

Pretty much. Gen-X here, I’m pushing 50, I think people don’t realize how old the boomers are.

Or how recent the whole computer thing is. The Internet just became a thing when I was in uni.

And mine was my dads IBM workstation (or maybe another brand… it was Beige and larger than me). It ran games that used ASCII for graphics. This isn’t a “who played games first” contest here. I’m stating that gaming, as in games on computers if you wanna get technical was well on it’s way while boomers were still relatively active and using tech.

My point being that playing electronic games isn’t out of reach for Boomers. I bought my dad a PS1 before he passed, he liked it a lot. So while they existed before the boom of gaming popularity and their generation started well before what we think of as PC’s and Consoles, they had their chance to get into it and many of them do enjoy gaming now.

That phrase only lasted a week in my country, now it’s just lame since it’s an old fad phrase.

…now get off my lawn young punks!

Man i wish my father played video games.

The average gamer is 32 years old

OK, boomer.

This entitlement and lack of understanding is astounding.

It was the crash of the Industry that was dominated by US and UK based businesses that allowed Japanese companies to thrive. In the US/UK press, investors were all declaring video games were a passing fad, they said don’t invest and cut your losses. Thankfully the same sentiment wasn’t held in Japan, were it not for those businesses this huge industry would be very different today.

Nintendo wasn’t even in the video games market at the time (they mostly made card games), the crash allowed them to enter the market though it was a huge risk, they were investing heavily in a market they knew was unstable. They (and others) worked very hard to stabilise the market with good industry practice, they did things we now take for granted like commitment to platforms, cultivating quality and managing supply.

This also helped “computer games”, though it was a parallel development many western computer games developers looked to NES games as the standard to aspire for. It was John Carmack himself who developed software that specifically exploited PC hardware to emulate the performance of consoles of the time, he was the first to get smooth scrolling platformers on a PC.

Nintendo deserves a lot of credit for the industry we have today.

They had faith in video games when everyone else wanted to give up on it.

Isn’t that a dead meme? Also, only the cringy kids say “ok boomer” not ironically.

I don’t see why that’s not funny

keep in mind, this is coming from a bronze tank and silver support who mains moira…

I think gaming is the one place ‘boomer’ just can’t be an insult. Boomers experienced the inception of gaming, every awesome game and system since, and they have the best hardware. Nvidia isn’t making $1500 video cards for some 20 year old without two nickels to their name. Specific to gaming, I’m actually jealous of boomers.

Is this copypasta? If not, it should be.

You are just a boomer when you feel attacked by it ^^

Let me give you a free tip. If something bothers you on the internet, NEVER say it to anyone. Just telling people which buttons to press will only motivate them to press them.

That’s how the internet works. Got it, boomer? :stuck_out_tongue:


Are there actually any real Boomers playing Overwatch though?

Not a 30yr old that a 14 year old calls a “Boomer”. But an actual Boomer?

OK, I just checked. The youngest Boomers are 56. So I guess it’s possible. Probably not very many though.



Really? I am 37 and i could careless what people call me, people really need to stop caring what other people say, it is getting pretyy sad on how easily the smallest thing can offend people, grow up and ignore people that you dont like what they are saying cause guess what ,whatever they say doesnt matter on tiny bit

They don’t matter, which is why their parents ignored them… just like the rest of society.

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all i have to say is

ok boomer

also this is overwatch :blush: :joy: