OFFTOPIC: My job, Covid-19 and OWL

Hello, I am a Spanish boy, I wrote this story in the Spanish forums and they recommended me to tell it here.

I work in a health center, more specifically in a residence for people with mental disabilities. I’m going to tell you a little story about the confinement caused by the coronovirus here, and how the OWL has been giving a few of us a smile in these hard days.

One quiet morning about a year ago, a person we’re going to call ‘‘S’’ from now on asked me how I was and what had I been doing. I replied that ‘‘nothing special, just watching a few games of a videogame that I like’’. S became interested on it, wondering what the game was about, what was the objective and more questions about Overwatch. Something about that game that I saw caught his attention and he became more interested in the game.

I showed him the characters, the weapons and abilities, and also I explained to him how that game was part of a professional league. That is what finally caught his attention.

He asked me about the teams, the players, the colors… and I got him into the world of OW in such an organic way that without realizing it, we were cheering (obviously without betting money) every Monday; at this point the first thing we do in the morning was watch results of the week and made the schedule for the next week.

S told his friends and more and more people asked me what Overwatch was about. Every Monday we got together about 30 people to see the results of the previous week. He is a Houston Outlaws fan, at first just because he liked the colors but now he knows the name and roll of each player on the team and, in fact, he had me to print the Houston logo and put it above the head of his bed hahaha.

Before the Coronavirus, every Monday we had discussion about which team was going to win the next match, how the leaderboard was going and I took the opportunity to play with them a bit, messing with all the teams equally: how can you like Dalas? they are very bad, or jokes like that when it was snack time. Things like: “Ok! all those who are not fans from London Spitfire, time to snack!” hehehe.

Now the situation is not good, as you can imagine there is a lot of work and everything has to be done very carefully. The truth is that we are not well… They also don’t understand 100% what happens with this virus, why they can’t go outside or do thr activities they used to do, but we can always have a good time together watching an old OWL match in Youtube.

I hope the OWL break doesn’t last so long, because believe it or not, they miss it.

Just a small anecdote of what happens with Overwatch in my health center with the virus, I think is a good opportunity to tell you about it.


This is so wholesome. :heart:
Thank you for sharing, it was a very nice read.


Thank you very much! :))


It’s interesting how a virus can shut down the whole world. A scary thought if a human or an AI can re-engineer a virus and kill off the whole race.


In dark times like the ones we are living, the worst and best stories of humanity come out. And this topic is one those good.

I must give especial thanks to you and all those who, even in quarantine, are working hard for us all. Thanks, mate.

Without a doubt, apart from our experience as players, there are other people for whom the game is more than just entertainment.

I would very much like to this can be read by those who have been indirectly involved in this story in some way (OW creators, developers, OWL members …). Surely they would be happy to know how their work helps others in their day to day in unsuspected ways.


I hope they will read it.

I’m sure it will make them smile


Stay safe. Medical facilities are going to feel things first.

I suggest showing past games, be it S1 or pre OWL OGN Apex or something. Keeping morale up is important.


I hope that OWL can resume so that you guys can pass the time and have some light in this dark time. Thanks for the work you do. Stay safe, friend. :heart: Even though our governments might clash, we’re in this situation together.



Truly in this era, histories like that are moving us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

I ‘ m here to support our colleague from OW Spanish forum who shared their story with us.

Strengh and best wishes for all.


There will be loads of OWL games in the coming days. It’s less hype because I think they are playing over the internet but it’s the same OWL teams and players we love.

Stay safe Spanish boy. I hope you and your patients well and that we all get through this fine.


Thank you for all your hard work!

As Pooch said, starting Saturday, all teams are back to playing. There are 16 games this weekend, and that looks like the model they are going to follow until the end of April, at the least.


In these difficult times, a healthy hobby can save many lives. Let’s do our best and keep this as a nice game for everybody!


this is beautiful thanks for sharing my friend
Papa torb indulges

Your swedish Papa,
Papa Torb


Stories like this make me smile in these hard times :slightly_smiling_face:


This is wonderful, thank you for working with people in this community and sharing your passion for Overwatch with them to bring joy and light in these dark times.


excuse me, this is clearly not an offtopic!!


thanks for sharing your amazing story. it’s very heartwarming for all of us to read. times are challenging right now so i am glad people are finding ways of “being together” however we can in our own isolation.

i think we all needed to hear something like this today. thank you.


Now if only we could hear your views on off supports Jeff.

Cough Sombra and Sym Cough :mask:

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This isn’t the damn time and you should know better.