(Official) New experimental patch notes! (Massive changes!)

Yeah kinda confused on that one.

DoubleBarrier would almost instantly go away if Mei and Brig didn’t have their unmatrixable AntiDive CC.

combat Roll

Now grants 50% damage reduction for its 0.4 second duration

blizz you really love to see the world suffer right?

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Yee, I was thinking reading the notes that this might just needlessly screw with doomfists rollouts

So what’s the point of messing around with ow1 balance again? We’re not even getting proper events anymore.

I didn’t see echo nerfs anywhere either.

Also 4 second uptime orisa barrier might as well not exist lmfao.


Interesting patch notes overall, that cassidy damage reduction change will be annoying but funny tho.
He’ll be able to survive a tracer bomb by rolling, so he’s gonna get stuck then roll backwards into his supports to save himself :laughing:




Another buff for Mccre, amazing joke.

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I don’t mind the Cassidy buff, it’s 0.4 seconds, but I understand why there’s hate.

They should’ve just gave him the Dark Souls roll and have him dodge everything if timed right :joy:

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But give him a small chance of doing a fat roll. :smiling_imp:

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This is the ONLY roll buff McCree should get.

Very cool experimental for the characters that weren’t ignored. Clearly, these balance changes are for the average ladder player and ignore things like OWL balance which I guess is a great thing for us average peasants! Gives me hope that OW1 can stick around long-term with improving balance, and allow OW2 to be balanced more for OWL level ability.

That fact that OWL will never play on OW1 again allows Blizard to buff a hero like DVA that had a near 100% OWL pick rate in 6v6 at the end LOL.

yeah but now its easier to go in from further distances without using punch, allowing you to disengage better. slam also used to be 20 metres, so this is reverting a nerf

No joke this is better than the ow2 patch lmao

Zen kick deserves it’s own kill feed symbol already.


I honestly don’t think it’ll matter much most of the time. Zen is fragile and has a lot less mobility than Lucio. I’m guessing it’s also not as wide an area of an attack, but I’m not sure about that part.

I feel like most of it’s value will just be when defending points near cliffs. More of a gimmick than a frequently useful ability.

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Cassidy got buffed again?!? :skull:

Bruh I’m drying right now, seriously? :joy:

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Please for the love God don’t put ANY of these changes into the live game.

I know this is just an experimental but it has to be said if any of these changes are being genuinely considered. Truly incredible how all the most problem heroes like the overpowered supports or burst damage dps are ignored. The only change in this list that makes some sense is the Orisa barrier change and even that’s a bit drastic for current OW1 Orisa players.

Weirdly enough I’m mostly interested by:

New passive added
Quick melee deals 50% more damage and knocks enemies away

okay d.va, i see you

My 700 hours plus top 500 Doomfist deathmatch going against hogs, reapers and mccrees only says otherwise