Canceling and censoring, nice values guys. Nice values…


Please no
This change isn’t necessary.

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You don’t know what censorship is.

Censorship : The suppression or prohibition of any parts of books, films, news, etc. that are considered obscene, politically unacceptable, or a threat to security.

It is what it is, even if you don’t like it.

I would prefer if he at least keeps “Mc” in his name so we continue with the meme names like McRightclick, McFlash, etc.


Censorship implies there is an outside agency with authority over the artists forcing them to change or remove something, rather than the artist modifying their own artwork because of their own desire to have it reflect their own values (or at least the values they want others to think they have).

That’s not the case here, as far as anyone can tell. You need to emphasize that it’s self.

How is this censorship again?


You must be really dumb

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I dont think they can change McCree. Wouldnt just changing his first name do the trick for what they want to accomplish?
Heck, they have a whole cinematic short with Ashe screaming McCree around.

Change the name all you want. He’s still going to be called McCree by most. People aren’t going to forget a name they’ve known for 5 years.


As a fugitive I think it makes sense that he would have an alias. Maybe Ashe doesn’t even know his real name, but Sombra knows his secrets thanks to her hacking expertise.


I mean unironically, i think it would make sense that Jessie is just an alias and his real name is Joel.


This was unnecessary. Why. You really didn’t need to do this blizzard. Why listen to the oversensitive players? im just… wow.

This is stupid.

true, which just makes changing his name even more pointless. No one calls wrecking ball wrecking ball, so why wouldn’t we do the same for Mccree?

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A stupid decision. We won’t forget McCree’s name, and this change will ironically HELP that, not lessen it.

This era of oversensitive, easily offended people are making them do it. This bs happens alot. For example, look at why Amazon had to change the freakin’ app icon for Amazing Shopping.


If you were ever curious about why the forums aren’t taken seriously, here we have you telling the community manager to make some REAL changes.

I’m just surprised this many people are practically up in arms over a fictional character’s name being changed.


i would like to offer my ideas on his new name… i can only hope they name him something fitting like “FTH BOT” or perhaps OR they could be clever with it and make it something like “FANNY, THE STUNNING, HAMMER”…i can only hope.


No, he wasn’t.

They needed a name for a cowboy, someone saw his name on a piece of paper with a list of employee names, suggested it, and was met with the response ‘that’s a great name for a cowboy.’ They then contacted the real Jesse McCree (who wasn’t part of the Overwatch team then or EVER) and said ‘hey mind if we use your name’? This story has been repeated DOZENS of times over the past six years.

There was no tribute.

He wasn’t named ‘after’ the guy.

They just share the same name and all of this is ridiculous.


Eh, people say stuff all the time. It’s like idiots who blame whiners for changes to X-hero getting nerfed. In reality it’s up to Blizzard to make the right the decision, and they never do. They always screw it up.

Same thing with Amazon, except they get the bag more than Blizzard.

Also you gotta laugh at the people who actually care when it doesn’t even matter. OW is completely irrelevant.

This change reeks of a PR move pushed by the higher-ups in an effort to get players to forget about the actual scandal and real people harmed by the misconduct at their company. I think it is a complete waste of development resources done primarily for the sake of PR.

I think it is likely that the OW development team was split on whether or not renaming McCree would be the right thing to do, and corporate/management came in and forced the change and quashed any discussion on the subject.

I have zero faith in your response being remotely honest since you’re a CM, and you’re still working for Blizzard despite the massive problems regarding the mistreatment of your fellow employees at the company you work for.