I don’t reply often. But I find this decision preposterous. He’s already an established character. Leave the character alone.

Blizzard is ruining their own culture.


They could make it so he started going by “Jesse McCree” as an outlaw and now that he’s good he wants to leave it behind. Between that and the “Joel” line, this could actually be done pretty organically.

This thread is full of people getting triggered by the change.


Total bull-manure changing the name of an iconic and beloved OW character like this.

I didn’t even know the Jesse McCree of Blizzard existed until this drama started up. The name change is unwarranted, as the character has clearly eclipsed the man whom he shares a name with.


A lady friend of mine came up with this idea:

Jesse McCree’s name will be changed, and his previous (current) name will just be referred to as one of his many aliases.

I personally think it’s stupid that his name is getting changed, but I understand that blizzard wants to distance themselves and their products from any negative stigma associated with them.

so, you are going to WASTE resources in something that doesn’t need to be changed?!!


I can’t believe these woke agendas keeps getting in the way of making good decisions…


Everyone will forever still call him mccree anyway.


How can you be so insensitive? (Jesse) McCree is not a name that they invented from some idea of ​​lore, McCree was literally named Jesse McCree for the real name of developer Jesse McCree* as a tribute to him, a person who has now been confirmed as an abuser in the entire scandal of Blizzard. Literally the guy is trash, an abuser, stalker, misogynist, bully etc. And you “don’t understand” why Blizzard decided to change the name? I get it, it’s just a name, so why does it bother you so much? It is just a name, right? … Understand that it is not only a name change, it is to avoid calling a hero after the name of a person who does not deserve to be cheered or commemorated in any way.

Have a little empathy for the people who have been affected by all these types of abuse not just at Activition but all over the world. I am sure that if you knew someone who went through this or if any of you went through some kind of abuse you would not be being so insensitive about this issue.

It is only a name, but McCree was named in commemoration of an abuser, the correct thing is for the name to be changed. Well done Overwatch team!

I don’t know what part of this forum you’re reading but the majority of comments and likes are from people not wanting the uneeded change so how is the right thing to do again? I’ve already uninstalled all your games, mainly because of garbage the quality has become. Thanks for giving me a reason to uninstall OW which was the only thing making keep battle net. Thanks again, keep digging.

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I am concerned about two questions:

1. What will happen to your old YouTube videos with the previous hero name?

2. Will you be send strikes to everyone for using previous hero name, ban channels and delete all community content?

Curious have they mentioned what happens to old cinematic like the Ashe reveal one? It’s such a great cinematic, hope they will get around to changing where Ashe screams the cowboys name?

How about making changes at Blizzard that address the real issues, instead of this pointless change that does nothing? I knew they’d do this. They just want to look like they’re doing something and this is the lowest-hanging fruit.


It isn’t meaningless though. And being unable to understand the meaning does show a resistance to change.


The ironic part is that all of the voice lines in the game doesn’t even have any real purpose from gameplay perspective. They are just there for the sake of having a lot of voice lines.

I don’t think they have the power to do this. They don’t strike people’s channel for calling Winston “Monkey” or for calling Wrecking Ball “Hammond” or “Ball”.

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Yikes. Don’t try to turn this into a Pink Mercy thing just because you want the skin. That skin is for breast cancer.


you’re not playing as the developer Jesse McCree, you are playing AS THE OVERWATCH HERO JESSE MCCREE, A FICTIONAL CHARACTER.

How can you be so blind?


Lmaooo I was thinking the same thing.

You’re one of my favorite posters and you never miss.

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I could see them changing the name if it was a homage to honor the developer. But from what I understand they just thought it sounded cool? There are tons of people who share first and last names, we should be able to separate them.


It’s a very simple first world country problem. People want to change Mcree’s name because it keeps them up at night and will make them feel better. People don’t want Mcree’s name changed because it will keep them up at night and make them feel bad. It’s very silly and about 98% of the player base could care less about what things are named.

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I understand the change. But honestly that just feels like the bare minimum. I’ll revisit things in 6 months to see if any actual changes that truly matter even take place. I no longer have hope…but i do have patience?