O shoot they actually listened to the Mercy backlash


I honestly didn’t expect them to concede it was a bad decision so quickly. And especially not with a bonus buff on top. We can debate until the cows come home about the balance of the rest of her kit (and I’m sure we will do), but I’m glad Blizz saw sense swiftly and are reverting the healing nerf.


I don’t think you read the notes correctly. She will only output 60 hp/s in Valk mode which still doesn’t let her output consistent healing for her to be a main healer.


oh you can’t just do that





They havent. They only upped it while on valk.

And the buff was to make Valk charge the way it used to with 60hps.

They probably made this to make valk feel more like an ult. But in reality it’s still a nerf compared to the mercy before the 50hps nerf.


Congratulations, they care.

Just a reason that is no longer valid.

They can’t say they ignore their feedback because they’re buffing her. One step closer to appeasing them but then again my community will never be satisfied until mass Rez returns and so help me ill bathe in their tears as it never comes back.

Before you ask, yes I’m a Mercy main… A Mercy main done with other Mercy players s***


…you may have a point. Everyone pick back up their fire torches, we’re not done yet it seems, but we do have small progress.


Two steps back, one step forward. Still better than three steps back, I guess.


They didnt, that buff is valk only


This is misleading. The entire part of that change is only for valkyrie.


I think I am going to become mercy main as well. Was there even a time when she was truly in a bad spot?


Non-Invulnerable Mass Rez.