Heyo, PC player here who decided to buy the Switch version of OW because all fans on my GPU are dead so can’t play on PC at the moment.

So yeah, while there’s quite a few problems, sporadic latency issues and FPS (would love if we could lower the GFX, maybe even shoot for 50-60 FPS) for example. The most annoying issue is the audio problems, that I of course have never experienced on PC (except for the couple bugs over the years).

Sounds can sometimes make it seem as if characters are super far away, despite being right next to you, and it often sounds like some form of echo going on when this happens.
Audio cut outs quite often.
Sometimes the audio can be severely delayed, always happens as you spawn but can happen every now and then while playing as well.
Extreme stutters are also quite common.

I play docked with headphones plugged into a PC monitor.