Now we nerf tanks!


Dear blizzard. Have you lost your mind? Tanks and healer are already getting hard to find cause everyone wants be be dps. So now we nerf tanks even more? Why not just rework all tanks to be dps and just change the games name to DPSWATCH. I been playing over watch since beta and I have to say that once this patch is out I am done with overwatch. Jeff Kapplan, you want to make this game great again? Stop listening to all the complainer and just develop the game in your vision, stop trying to accommodate every person. To be honest just cause a couple people complain doesnt speak for the entire community.


How did they nerf tanks ? All they did was making dva a bit less strong. And changing how armor works. Most tanks dont have a lot of armor except dva.
And you complain about people picking dps. Thats not because tanks are weak, but people enjoying playing dps more than winning. You will most likely loose with a team of full dps instead of tanks etc. Before and after the patch.
They cant nerf or buff the people that play this game.


I agree with the part where you say they should stop listening to people. Specifically people like you.

You suggest them to make their own decisions, but that’s already what they are doing.

Tanks will be fine even after this patch, because reaper plays exactly the same as before, with just a slightly higher sustainability. Yes, armor is weaker now in the PTR but I’d say it’s about damn time they changed it.


Nerfing armor is a direct nerf to any tanks with armor and any utility that provides armor so any support that does the same. So tanks that are now less good than they were before.


Thats most of the tanks iirc - And to compensate the hero that is best suited for dealing with tanks yo now have a much lower ability to deal with due to a change to his potential lifesteal - Reading back that is less compensation and more bad for tanks.

I don;t think people are gonna complain abot picking DPS as much but lots of tank players are going to stop playing tanks in favor of not beign sitting ducks against another group that decides to go more DPS because the group with more damage is probably going to melt the tanks who are now squishier and in D.Va’s case more vulnerable more often. So the conclusion people are reaching is I’m gonna play DPS before they do as the tanks will stand a lot less chance against the now increased torrent of damage heading their way.

So far all the teams I’ve played that have a tank player are playing a four versus six game cause the tanks don’t survive very long. I guess no one knows how it will be if it goes live but so far playing tanks kinda stinks as your less tanks and more batteries.


The nerf to armor is ridiculous. It effectively means -50 to -100hp on average to tanks (that have armor) in a normal fight because of armor and healing effectiveness reduction (due to armor nerf).