Now that they did the right Briggite nerf, they should give her defensive buffs

I think everyone saw the PTR notes by now. If not:

This was the nerf they had to do all this time. Brigitte shouldn’t have so much damage right from the start. Killing potential and the combo were the problems with her.

However, they have done many unnecesary nerfs so far. They nerfed her survivability and her utility, which were never the problem. If the passive buff is not enough, they should revert her barrier back to 600.

The goal for brigitte is to make her a healer/tank hybrid with some disruptive options. High damage, Insta-killing tracer, or on the other hand, making her F-tier should be avoided.

(The passive buff might be strong if you manage to stack it though, I want to see how it will work in the PTR)


So they’re trying to make her a Prot Paladin instead of a Ret Paladin.

Alright, but an issue with this is it may actually end up making GOATs stronger. Though it will weaken it’s DPS and kill potential greatly. Maybe that’s the goal.

Huh, guess that could work. So now it’s a turtle / bruiser comp with pure sustain, but has the weakness of lower damage. Kind of interesting.

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Yeah, I’d be interested in them sticking to a support/tank style for Brigitte, the 150 dps burst made her too effective at dpsing as well.


I cerebrate what she requires is remotely better rejuvenation

The passive buffs are basically meaningless. Inspire doesn’t stack, it only refreshes.


She will get more total healing over the course of a game and as a result faster rallies that will also mean more rallies. That’s the thing with invisible power crap like inspire, while it might not look like much, it has the potential to give great results from simple buffs.

Making GOATs stronger was my fear as well. However, If you lower its dmg output (50 dmg bash is a considerable amount for engaging) the other team might have a chance for escaping.

The whole point of GOATs is to make a quick pick to steamroll the other team. If it cant get that 1 pick reliably, it might fall from the pro meta. If thats the case, this change will make another good thing :smiley:


Or they’ll replace Brig or D.Va with Roadhog for pick potential. But either way that greatly lowers overall team sustain, so …

… Frick, whoever thought of this might be a genius. lol People are seeing it as a Tracer buff, but it may have just been thought up as a GOATs nerf.

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These buffs are only meaningful when Brig is poking people with her Flail. They’re good when the enemy is keeping away and Inspire procs are hard to get.

But that’s not the point of GOATS. The point of GOATS (or any Brig based teamcomp) is to apply constant pressure, in which uptime for Inspire is basically meaningless because she’s ALWAYS applying it.

I’m having a hard time even calling it meaningful in this light. This sort of stuff rarely ever happens. Typically when you have to poke enemies at Brig, your team is usually not taking that much damage anyway. The other healer typically tops off since they don’t have such strict restrictions.

Over the course of a game that goes 20 minutes, I can see this buff giving her a few hundred more healing. It doesn’t make it any more potent in the midst of a fight. it doesn’t help her survive any more, or keep teammates alive.

It’s not even a matter of her role in GOATS. Most people play GOATS out of desperation, not out of a strategy they start with because they don’t like playing it. Brig is still plenty valuable (or at least was) to fend off Doomfists, Winstons, Tracers, Genjis, all the usual culprits that make supports’ lives a living hell. even in non-GOATs comps, she’s bashing people with her flail continually anyway.

The situations where it’s ideal you’d never want a Brig to begin with, you’d be far better serviced by a Lucio or Moira.

I get the intent, to push Brig less from her brawler role and more into her off-healer role, but a 1 second increase to Inspire simply doesn’t go far enough. You’d have to do a pretty crazy buff like making her Health Pack trigger Inspire for that kind of thing to work.

Then, I stand corrected.

I got misled from the 1.5 to 1 sec cooldown change, and a false memory I had that the passive stacks a few times.

It’s just Mercy all over again. People complained about a problem that Blizzard lacks either the understanding, or is just unwilling to properly fix. Rather than take the time to try and right it, they hide the problem, by crushing them to inadequacy so they can come back later and try again.

Ah, the classic Bastion strategy. When you don’t understand how to balance a character, simply nerf them to oblivion and they no longer become a problem.

Seems to be the flavour of the upcoming patch, with the Doomfist nerfs as well making him pretty damn garbage.

I don’t think Doomfist has it as bad. They’re getting rid of a lot of his ‘free’ kills by not effectively CCing people with lack of air control. It’s going to make him much harder to play, and probably kill his pickrate in lower ranks.

But either way, it’s Blizzard style. Hearthstone deletes problem cards altogether, whether by making them not worth the dust they represent or literally putting them in the Hall of Shame. WoW specs come and go at the flick of a wrist. I think HotS is usually a bit more gradual, but I don’t play the game enough to have a strong basis for it.

“We’ve got a few more tricks up our sleeves for next year!”

I can only imagine it’s going to be neutering more heroes for the sake of fixing sticky problems.

They basically removed all the CC’s he can meaningfully use. Not that I don’t think it’s busted, but I think the new updates are completely out of line with the changes that were already on the PTR.

Except for the Ult Change. That’s a good one.

I genuinely think that Brig is getting off light compared to Doomfist.

Personally I dont think this is the right direction for her because it looks like shes being pushed into a more situational Lucio unless outside of brawl comps like Goats which may get stronger due to this.

Guess we’ll see…

Not exactly. Lucio has a totally different identity than Brigitte.

Lucio is used more for his mobility(his defining trait), speed boost and reliable AoE healing.

Briggite on the other hand is more sturdy, less mobile,can contest more reliably, and she disrupts (her defining trait).

The fact that they both have AoE heals doesn’t make them similar.

But yeah, we will see. I believe this patch going to change a lot of things.

Well I mean “Situational Lucio” in the sense of her aura healing is tied to melee and her speed boost is tied to her ult. Lucio can peel for his backline as well, granted not as aggressively as Brig can (could), but was still an option for him.

With these changes im struggling to see what utility she brings anymore or what comps you would say “We need a Brig” for outside of brawl heavy comps. Then again that may not be a terrible thing since Mercy is in the same boat and shes not in a bad spot, so yeah time will tell.

I think they have very different balance methods for each game.

In HS they practically delete cards and decks after a month in each expansion. There are some few examples that they got balance right but there are few.

SC2 on the other hand, had only one period of imbalance. Other than that, the game was always fine.

In OW, there are problems but I feel like they take the right steps.

For example junkrat.

In release he was unplayable. Then , they removed his self damage which was the right thing to do based on his playstyle. After that, they added the 2nd mine to boost his skill floor and flexibility. But because he got too much killing power they had to nerf his mines and his tire speed. The only change left to do, is reverting his primary and he will be in a perfect spot.

I doubt that brig will become unplayable after the changes, because she still have uses other than deleting tracers.