Now that most of the niche and underpowered heroes have been - are being tuned up, are you going to start looking at Bastion?

Basically title. Tobjorn and Roadhog are in the process of getting tuned up to be competitive choices compared to the rest of the Overwatch cast. The hitscans have received minor tune-ups and Phara has been adjusted. This pretty much covered all the heroes at the bottom with one exception: Bastion.

So far, Bastion is unfulfilling to play, and unfulfilling to play against. Either your counter attempts succeed effortlessly and you flatten Bastion or you just don’t crack the shell and get mowed down. Bastion doesn’t really compare to other heroes on anything other than attack payload, and his tankbusting ability doesn’t seem as amazing when you realize that the 2 seconds it takes to break rein barrier plus the 2 seconds of defense matrix plus the 5 seconds required to kill the Rein and Dva is more than enough time for the enemy team to flatten you.

On top of the above, these periodic patches have made Bastion a bad choice. Hanzo’s Storm Arrow, Torb’s new Overload, Phara’s increased firing rate are great choices vs Bastion. For a target as large as Bastion is, he has surprisingly little health compared to someone of a similar size, such as Zarya. This makes him really easy to hit and kill when in recon, and these abilities are even better vs sentry mode.

Bastion’s ultimate is cool to use and all, but is countered by most barriers and by any type of mobility. It also locks your movement at the beginning and end of the ultimate, which makes everything feel very bad and clunky, not to mention the giant easy target you become.

TLDR: Bastion isn’t fulfilling, bottom of the tier list and pick-rate, needs to be looked at.


Yeah that about sums it up

Bastion does need changes.
What kind of changes do you think he needs?

I cant say how he should be reworked, but I can say something about his ult. When you use Bastion’s ult, it locks you in place unlike other ultimates. This shouldn’t be a thing, especially with the ultimate’s long transform time.


Good point.
Every other transformation ultimate allows the player to move when the are transforming, so why is Bastion the exception to this rule. I would say he’s the one who needs it the most.

I think the developers should increase his Ironclad from 20% to 25%. 30% when he’s ulting. It was too strong on 35%, but I think they nerfed it too much.

Not going to pretend I know what’s best for Bastion because honestly he feels like he almost doesnt belong in Overwatch.

Reminds me of Tachanka in R6. Where you have this amazing environment focused on movement and destruction but then you have an operative that’s focus on standing still. Yeah he has his uses but way to far and few Inbetween.

That being said I think Recon mode is alright but anything to do with sentry mode is a toss up. If he remains immobile then hes always going to be more or less extremely reliant on his team but mobility (or to much dmg reduction…) with that kind of DPS isnt exactly great either. Maybe something like…

-Remove Self Repair

-Config. Tank is now E (yeah I know ult on E I feel like it works with the idea of Bastion and his swapping forms more so then anyone). Damage lowered to 60 per shot. Togglable so he can go from Recon to Tank to Sentry or any variable.

-New ult overclocked. Self buff that drastically lowers time it takes to swap various forms while increasing attack speed of Tank form, Move speed in recon and damage in sentry for 10 seconds.

-Ironclad removed changed to 25 to 35 armor self heal when swapping forms after 5 seconds in current form. Think Bastion in sentry holding a position and gets flanked by Tracer, he swaps to Recon to move/duel and gains the slight armor boost. However if he goes into Recon then swaps to tank mode immediately no armor is given.

Least that’s what I’d do. Probably tweak some numbers here and there but ultimately I think Bastion needs more tools then he currently has access too.

I just want them to look at bastion so he is the last ‘bad hero’ and they can move to Mercy.

She’s literally the only other terrible hero in need of a rework (I swear to god if you don’t remove Valkyrie and Rez I will cry). So I guess you can say I’m in full favour of that bastion rework.

Following the example of most other reworks…

  • Tank Configuration becomes a regular transformation on Recon Mode’s E ability. Damage is toned down
  • New ultimate: Omnicopter, where he transforms into a flying mech armed with a minigun (primary) and hellfire missiles (secondary)

and hopefully reaper…

Bastion mains have my condolences as well. I get the feeling we can have a nice bet on which hero gets changed first. Chances are we won’t find out til 2020

Just a heads up. You misspelled niche in the title :slight_smile:

There are still quite a number of heroes they haven’t made a balance pass on. Some of them are still fairly bad, like Reaper and Symmetra.

I think it’s likely they still have more changes to come. Hopefully one of them touches Bastion.

What do you want the highest DPM character in the game to be?
Not the highest? then we’ll cry the spirit of bastion is different.

It’s not his fault genji is a great counter and most skilled players can adequately play genji.

try being a phara main and see how long it takes diamond and above to shoot you out of the sky. At least bastions get shielded by orisas. Phara’s can barely convince a mercy to stick with them (another easy target)

Thanks mate, fixed it up.