Now Resolved: Known "Unable to Login"/"No Overwatch License Found" errors currently going


nooooo i got it too :sob:


Changing servers allows you play elsewhere if anyone just wants to play. Might be a bit more laggy depending on your connection though.


That is correct, though I often don’t recommend it as latency does increase to as much as 200 milliseconds.


Thanks for the speedy response. Happy (bug) hunting!


As someone who will sometimes have their internet randomly spike to 200ms, and sometimes as high as 350ms, take this as your warning not to do that. At anything above 150ms I stay out of comp, it’s not worth it.


If I never saw the problem it probably wasn’t even a problem, you nerd.


… that’s one way of putting it.

(Bill Warnecke) #15

At this time we’re recovering, hopefully everyone is back online now! Sorry again for the hassle and I hope everyone has a great weekend. Cheers!


Praise the nerd!


It looks like a problem on Blizzard app.
Destiny 2 is also offline.

May be only a coincidence though…


Thanks again… I can now resume eating my burrito and working on my editing of a

Since Destiny 2 goes through the Blizzard Authentication Servers for logins, they too would be affected with this specific issue (expect “BUFFALO” error code messages). If you are still hitting errors, remember to hang tight, and there may be queue lines to log in now present.


is this usa only? cuz here in eu i can play pretty fine


It is, it only affected the North America infrastructure.


I just tried again and now at least D2 is logging.

Will try OW later


For any mods that are viewing, may i suggest pinning this until its fixed?


let me just bump this again


No need, they have declared it fixed…


oh thats good…i mean besides that one guy who didn’t get it through his thick skull that it wasnt working


If anyone is still having issues (which is possible), it is now best they take time to check for any issues between them and Blizzard:

In the meantime, if any moderators do see this, they are now welcome to lock it and let it sink into the abyss.


Usually when servers go offline or services. A person can pull up NORIS attack map and see that a service is getting DDoS’d heavily. I didn’t check as I was busy.

I wonder if it’s those Mercy mains wanting mass rez back . :wink: lol