Nov 15 but not all league skins/tokens received yet!?

So i was told that on the 15th of november we were getting the kiriko/junker/sojourn and remaining skins if you watch the grand finals for 2 hours long with remaining league streams (while being connected and watching for 30 hours total.

I watched the normal streams live. yes in perfect 30minutes sessions unmuted for 34 hours total and the grand finals the full stream unmuted fully for 4/5 hours. And yet no skins no kiriko skin. The one i mainly wanted. I also still have 110 league coins since november 4th what is nog even close to the full token reward i should get. (And yet there is no way to contact blizzard about this since they dont go over token/league skin rewards)

Anyone else has this issue i bassicaly watched/wasted 38hours for just 110 tokens + no skins. It is anoying


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