Nothing transfered

How long do you think it will take to fix? And should I wait to play, or should I go ahead and play hoping that it won’t erase what i used to have?

Does anyone know how to fix this issue😭

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same here. played the game when it was first released. I’m so glad I’m not the only one here who’s having this issue with hundreds of hours on the game and all the grinding I’ve completed over the years. I won’t be playing any matches until this is resolved cus it feels like a huge F. YOU to us returning and constant OW players. bad launch.

I’m having the same issue. I linked my PS account to hopefully access it since now I have a PC and no PS, but nothing is showing up and the account merge button is just nonresponsive. Used a friends PS to try there, and having the same issue.

Same here just started the game and zero progress. It looks like the game overwrite my account with pc one. But I didn’t had one so it just created new clear. (Ps5)

Missing skins, etc. Locked heroes.

I got in the game and even clicked merge account and I guess I don’t have an account toerfe which is crazy…I mean I didn’t have many skins the the skins I did have I worked for them and now I have nothing

Please read the thread I linked. This is addressed there.

So log in right and it was annoying having to find a phone number with that but then i learn everything i have is gone all skins all progress just gone at the blink of an eye. I dont want to play this without my stuff since i spent money and time on it

I got the same problem too

Again, the staff addressed that your stuff IS NOT gone. Please, just do yourself a favor and read the announcement.

Any estimate on how long this will take?

Their estimates are in the announcement depending on the issue.

same here and I don’t really know if i should contact support so they know I have this issue or if I should just wait… a friend of mine had the same problem but logged in the next day and got a message to merge his account (but couldn’t start it :confused: )

Overwatch knows this is happening and they said relogging would fix but idk maybe im wrong

Same here, it starting me fresh even though my accounts are linked

how did they fumble so hard???
blizzard L
i lost all my mercy skins :(((

I haven’t gotten my data tranferred either, it’s freaking me out.

No one reads the thread before adding a comment.

The team is aware of the issue. They are working on fixing it. Relax.


I played overwatch since the 2017 summer games I got a golden weapon for genji and almost maxed out all of his cosmetics and my friend told me his data got transferred when I load the game my data didn’t transfer please fix this