Nothing matters

Nothing explained, nothing gained, nothing of value, competitive is more of a waste of time than you realize, took nothing but losses for me to see it, better for you all to hear it here than from a Malding gold/silver who thinks you’re throwing, all because they can’t take 2 minutes to try and get better at the game, just throwing bodies like bots.


Competitive is pretty aids yeah and has been so for me for straight up years
Still gonna queue it instead of arcade or QP tho :skull:


imagine copy pasting the same game from 6 years ago, releasing it as an sequel…saying you worked hard on it and focused on game play since obviously everything else is the same and then you release this toxic p.o.s. that drove the whole player base away again in a month…

tbh that actually takes talent to achieve not gonna lie


I’m starting to wonder if I was kept low by the same bronze5 bug all these years.
OW1 was my life, i would tryhard sweat and just get the weirdest losses or win and never gain SR. Even 12 wins in a row, it would always say: <500. Usual shills would gaslight with “you are where you belong” but they’re gone now…vaporized by the admission of fault - the matchmaker is a buggy rigged mess and has been for years.

If you couldn’t get out of a sub 500 sr lobby. I promise you with 100% certainty that you were where you belonged.

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I promise you with 100% certainty the ranked system was bugged - and possibly still bugged. And that’s on official record, straight from the devs mouths.

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Source: You admitted you can’t get out of a sub 500 lobby. They’re potatoes at that rank or have some of the worst hardware imaginable. Stop huffing the copium and seek a coach

That’s not what I admitted. It’s been admitted that it’s broken/bugged. Cry moar.


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You’re the one crying here dude.

Edit: i see i was responding to anothers convo… mb ;-;

At the beginning of overwatch 2 sure. It’s now fixed. If you’re still stuck you’re awful. Also you were stuck in bottom 500 all of overwatch 1. You are genuinely just terrible at the game get over it.

Thanks for making me laugh. You have nothing stay nothing.

can you give us a replay code so we can see on your games to get an idea of your playstyle

Overwatch sucks for development as it never tells you what you did wrong, only that you lost. The leaderboard is the biggest meme ever as people think insane heals as a Lucio mean’s you did your job well or other incorrect statements. This is doubled down by the fact the majority of “Guides” on YouTube are just wikipedia reads.

Get your VOD’s reviewed and ask for feedback about your experiences from higher tier players, it’s the best way to start learning the game properly.

He won’t give one because he knows he’s bad.