Nothing for Reinhardt, huh?


I know, but I’m just trying to imagine how Blizzard thinks. I absolutely want Reinhardt to be better without Brigitte being a necessity, but I don’t expect Blizzard to do anything for him at the moment.

If Ana is getting minor changes after all this time, Rein deserves them too.


I truly feel sad, should we bear the false hope that Reinhardt will be looked at any longer? I feel less motivated to play him now. I’m afraid that soon I will run out patience and kiss this game good bye.


It’s almost as if the work on things one at a time instead of all at once because that would be impossible


I feel the same way. My optimism for him is fading into pessimism and idk how much longer I can hold out. Playing main tank feels like garbage, and it has for a while. They don’t seem to care either.


Hey man, I don’t expect blizz to look at and make changes to everyone every patch or anything like that. I don’t think it is unreasonable to want his bugs fixed though. They have been in game since launch and it would buff him slightly by just making him more consistent.


Looks to me like they are more than capable of working on more than one hero at a time.


I will remain patient and calm for now, but it doesn’t feel right to see them ignoring Reinhardt like that.

One more time than I’m out. I really hope they do something about him.


By one at a time I mean said person or team is working on whatever their item is until that is finished and move on. They have a team so they can work on multiple things as a team and release what the team has finished. But that will never be every single issue in the game all being worked in Sr once. This isn’t exactly complicated to get :man_shrugging:t5:


Nice backpedal. Also, your argument doesn’t hold water because Reinhardt was a troll pick for more than 5 seasons. There was plenty of time to work on him / fix his bugs.


I assume they don’t just instantaneously drop what they are working on to discuss the forums current flavor of the minute.

If a decent portion of the community gets behind the idea and for more than half a second I’m sure they’ll get around to him. (if they agree)


We have been saying this stuff since season 4. What’s more is the community has been somewhat consensus on it during that time. If you think this is some “flavor of the minute”, then you have not been paying attention.


Something I’d love to see for Reinhardt is if he had something like what Orisa and have when they shoot. So if Reinhardt’s shield is up, he takes less knock back.


Nerfs to Brigitte and buffs to Ana are indirect buffs to Reinhardt.

Honestly, I don’t think Reinhardt needs much. A bit of consistency on his Earthshatter, maybe a buff to his movespeed while shielding, but he seems pretty solid. The only time I really see a Reinhardt do poorly is when they charge on cooldown and suicide into the enemy team, and I think that’s a player issue, not a hero issue.

His reload key is currently going unused. If they wanted to give him something new, perhaps an ability there that allows him to “overcharge” his barrier for extra resilience or activate the barrier regen for a short time, even while deployed.


The bugs and problems Reinhardt have are shared by Doomfist.

You just notice Seismic Slam messing up more than Earthshatter because one is an ultimate you only see a couple of times a match and one is a normal ability. Also because Shatter has less of a telegraph.

Charge and Rocket Punch: same deal, except Charge gets overlooked because Reinhard is expected to not use Charge much and just stand there holding right click.


He’s been bugged for almost 2 years. He’s been in a weak state since season 4. But you’re right, if a decent amount of people demanded him being buffed, Blizzard will buff him. And that’s the problem, not many of Reinhardt players are left to demand anything.


Rein has been nowhere near the top of discussion on the forums. It’s only since the release of Brig has this buff Rein crap come up.

Stop being childish and wait your turn like everyone else.


I play him at a Grandmaster level. I assure you, I am not “charging on cooldown and suiciding into the enemy team”. That is not what makes him bad.


What the freak? Dude we’ve been saying this “crap” for months now! What are you talking about?


Reading thru the buff Mei,Sombra,Doom,Ana,Reaper etc threads and endless nerf deflect, tracer, sym, etc threads.The buff Rein stuff has only sprung up recently.

The bug on his earthshatter was already addressed as being difficult to fix and would need time.



Really? Here is a post on the old forums with 499 surplus upvotes from early January.