[Not Working] Disable Built In Game Mode Respawn


According to the description this function disables “automatic respawning” and requires you to use script to respawn players. But the script does absolutely nothing. Unless this function does something totally irrelevant to its description.

What am I trying to do?
I’m attempting to create an Elimination FFA game mode which is otherwise impossible. So I attempted to use this to prevent respawning in FFA, however this also has no effect in team based modes. My current workaround is forcing players to respawn as a “ghost” hero who can’t attack, can’t die and is also invisible.

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Make sure you’re using the “Ongoing - Each Player” event and you’re passing in “Event Player” as the player to disable respawning for. If instead you’re using “Ongoing - Global” and “All Players”, the action will only get run once (assuming your condition list is empty) before anyone has actually joined the game, and new people who join won’t have their respawning disabled.

Hunted - Gibraltar Escort Map (with Elevators and Speed Bubbles)

That answer did work to solve the problem in case anyone is wondering.


Is this not possible for Skirmishes? Because I tried the posted solution here and it doesn’t seem to be working for me.


try running it with a “loop” with a “wait” 1 second so it activates while you’re playing.


I’ll give it a shot, thanks!

Edit: That did it, thanks again!


Is there any way to prevent the first spawn in deathmatch? Seems to work fine for the next death, but I can’t seem to prevent the initial spawn.


can confirm this doesnt work for me either, even with the global - each players


This doesn’t work for me either.

Here’s my rules: imgur.c0m/cHxVW91.png (replace the c0m with com since links are not allowed)

The player spawns for the first time after the game starts and can still respawn after each subsequent death.

Edit: I figured it out. This function only works if the player has SPAWNED into the game. I tried many different approaches including different waits and so on, but only when I put a HasSpawned(Event Player) condition does this code actually work. The player must be spawned in the game for their respawns to be disabled.


Yeah, I feel like you should be able to a valid player at any time. (Assembling heros)

I guess part of the problem might be what happens if the player can’t spawn, can’t choose a character? Like, what screen is shown to the player? A screen with all the characters greyed out? Currently that’s not something that ever happens.

If ‘Start Camera’ worked before spawning, this could be used. Otherwise, I guess just showing the background that would be behind the character/interface if they could select?