Not the right junkrat changes (season 5 number 1 junkrat on console, 4000 SR pc junkrat main)


was there anyone that asked for this?

80 damage mine
mine does 120 damage to trapped enemys
tire cost in increased from 1575 to 1900
tire speed reduced from 13 to 12 (its actually alot easier to control)


literally everyone who doesn’t play junkrat has been asking for this for months. specifically for a nerf to his ultimate charge rate, but if it’s a little easier to kill and his projectiles are a little harder to land it should accomplish the same thing.


no one asked for those specific changes he needs some but not these


Yes people did. Does that answer your question?


Yes. Not these changes specifically. But yes. They should fix his problem areas.


He needed a nerf of someway. The rip tire required a bigger nerf, its the most deadly ultimate of all the OWL and its pretty high in game also(we dont have stats. The projectile size reduce is an answer to people complaining about brainless spam. So yea people were kinda asking for those change, they just didn’t ask for tehm directly cause we didn’t thought about it.


Riptire needs to be toned down a bit more IMO.

But this is a good start amd I’m glad Junkrat is on their radar.


I think the projectile size nerf sounds a bit strong to be honest but im console so cannot test


I certainly was. Pretty sure others were too.


As a mainly Junk player the past couple seasons, I might as well give my two cents.

Rip-Tire Changes
Fine, I can live with them. Junk’s riptire always felt a bit too strong, so movement speed was imo the best way to go. As nerfing health would’ve made it a trash ult, and nerfing ult charge rate would be too much effort considering what the ult is used for. Forces Junk to use his ult smarter, as it can’t travel around as much anymore within the 10 seconds.

Frag Launcher Changes
IMO the worst thing they could’ve done to Junk besides self harm. Nerfing his spam was not the way to go, Junk already has basically worthless projectiles (besides conc mine) in medium ranged combat due to the speed. Making them even smaller essentially made his big weakness even worse.

Final Verdict
Rip tire nerf was the healthiest thing, Frag launcher projectile size nerf should be reduced, or undone.


I just don’t understand why they’d mess with his Frag Launcher, it’s been the same since day one! No one used to complain about it back when Junkrat was considered a throw pick.

This is so ridiculous. I want the old one mine Junkrat back. Blizzard is just destroying the hero. They literally don’t know how to balance this game. Just look at Brigitte and Moira, that’s evidence enough.


These changes were most just to raise his skill-cap than anything.


These changes are so out of touch with the community it boggles my mind. I played some Junkrat on the PTR and he is SO frustrating to play and extremely unsatisfying. People are complaining about him being a “no skill” hero, but these changes are making him feel even more like you’re relying on pure luck to hit any shots from further than melee range.


Or maybe you just need, I don’t know, actual skill to land direct hits?


Junk main tears brighten my day


Biggest projectile size in the game. Bigger than mercy blaster, bigger than hanzo logs so big in fact you could completely miss the playermodel and still get a hit.
This plus 120 DMG for hitting someone in the toe.

So yes, it needed a nerf since those who were under junkrat fire felt more like they were being shot basketballs than golf balls.


It takes a special kind of arrogance to assume

  1. That Blizzard needs us to ask about things before doing them
  2. That just because you didn’t see complaints that they didn’t exist
  3. Using “we” as if you speak for anyone but yourself. This is the worst.

The change is absolutely needed. I like playing Junkrat myself, but getting hit when you’re 95% behind a barrier got old.


Yes. Lots of people wanted him less powerful, this is a good way to do it.

Would you rather they nerf his damage output or cooldowns?


junkrat is still good in the right hands just slightly weaker since you have to be a teeny tiny bit accurate now and his rip tire is slightly slower


Yes OP, plenty and plenty of people asked for a tire speed nerf.

Honestly, it’s been such a wide request since that buff that your statement really makes you look delusional.