Not so great Widow players in QP


There’s the same reward as every video game in existence: you win. you’ve beaten your opponent. That should be enough to drive you to try. Do you really need a special gift or reward?


Yes. 100% I do. Winning with no reward is not satisfying, and it’s basic human nature to try hard when something is at stake, but not care if there’s no risk/reward.

The reward for playing quick play is MY PERSONAL IMPROVEMENT IN SKILL WITH HEROES. It’s not the “Victory” screen. The victory screen is 100% meaningless. At best it’s an indicator that I played my hero well enough to have an impact. There’s no incentive to switch heroes though. I can already play Rein, I don’t get any benefit playing him for another game in quick play. Why would I waste my time? So YOU can get a happy feeling? PUUHHLLEASE. If you want a serious game, go play competitive.


AI, especially in this game, is absolutely nothing like trying to snipe a real life player, my dude. Nothing. I’m so good at Hanzo during Junkenstein’s, like damn, so good. But only because the AI is predictable, doesn’t jump around or crouch spam, doesn’t know to duck behind cover. Playing Hanzo for realsies against other humans? Pfft, I’m lucky to get a pick at all, maybe the lone random hero who happened to stick their head in the wrong spot. You can’t compare the real thing to AI. Sniping AI for 100 hours will get me nowhere in terms of actually getting good at sniping real players. Your argument does not really make any sense. The entire purpose of QP is to try out heroes so you can improve enough with them to take them into competitive if you want. Suggesting people practice versus AI to then go play against real players is insane.


Winning with no reward is not satisfying, and it’s basic human nature to try hard when something is at stake, but not care if there’s no risk/reward.

That’s nonsense. People play sports/games all the time with nothing at stake but the knowledge that they won.


I totally get that people are practising and that sniping is mechanically challenging, but I just don’t get what people like so much about sniping. Whenever I do it I just get bored and want to run up front! :sweat_smile:


No, they mostly don’t. My family run basketball tournaments. They have trophies, prize money etc. That’s how you get people to care. When there’s 10k on the line you really want to win. When it’s a pair of socks no one really cares.


use this! ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎ ‏‏‎


Semi normal compositions?
I don’t think 5v6 counts as normal.
The ugly truth is that most of the best Widowmakers have been playing snipers for years before they ever touched her.

Sniping takes a long time to get results with.


Those are nice incentives for a tournament, but doesn’t change the fact that most people play games casually just to win. For each person that enters your basketball tournament there are probably hundreds of people who played a friendly basketball match with their friends on the local courts.


I think it’s player who got scared. They get kill many time and doesn’t want to get shot anymore. So, they pick sniper and play defensively. Which is a terrible way to play widow. It’s pretty much waiting for enemies to come to you when they don’t have a reason to come to you because they are winning.


Practice? Getting good?


QP is the place to practice Widow, in a better than bots, live target, environment. But you would think they at least would learn to hit things in the training room first.


It’s so nice when people make my point for me.

Those people playing friendlies with their buddies aren’t playing to win. They are playing to PLAY. After the game it’s not about who won, it’s about who nailed a sick 3 point shot, or a great steal, or that mad layup. Winning is just a bonus if you played well, it’s not the reason that they play.

If you can understand this it’s going to save you a lot of pain. Most people play quick play to play, not to win.


And part of playing is to win. It’s one thing to just be shotting hoops aimlessly, but if you’ve actually formed teams and keeping score, you’re playing to win. At the end of the day people are friends so you can have some friendly laughs and banter about the great 3 pointers, but that doesn’t change the goal of the game. Nobody goes out on the court with the mindset of losing. Goals of improving or landing certain shots are secondary objectives.


Wrong. The goal was to play. They rented the court to play the game. Winning was a nice to have, but the losing team doesn’t demand a refund, because they had fun, because having fun while playing the game was the reason for being there, not winning…PLAYING.

Sorry it seems like your head is a bit messed up. Why do you place such value on winning when there’s no reward? It’s just your brain being addicted to the dopamine. Try get past your animal instincts, not everyone has this mental problem.


Why would the losers demand a refund? The goal is to have fun playing a game, and you can still have fun with a loss. But that doesn’t change the objective of a game. The goal of a game is not to play, that is just what you happen to be doing, and is the action that leads to the fun. The game itself has an objective. For a game of basketball the objective of the game is literally to have more points than the other team, so when you form teams and compete, everyone is working towards that objective. Some people may not CARE if they lose, but if you just announce right off the bat “hey I’m just gonna make half court shots only” people will probably not pick you for their team unless its well understood ahead of time that you’re all just messing around.

I could ask you the same question: Why do you place such value on winning only when there’s a reward? By competing with opponents that are the same or greater skill than you, attempting to win (and possibly doing so) is the best way to hone in on your skills, and you get a sense of accomplishment by not only completing your objective, but also knowing you outplayed your opponents.

You don’t have to resort to insults just because someone doesn’t share your opinion.


TBQH, the matchmaker thinks that you suck as bad as the people that it matches you with.


Look it’s about degrees of effort, I don’t know how else to explain it to you.

If there’s a million dollars at stake, I’ll play a hero I don’t really like in order to win because the reward is worth the poor experience.

If there’s zero dollars at stake, then I’ll play whoever feels the most fun to me, because the game is just for fun, there is nothing to win or lose, so the end result is identical regardless of the game’s outcome.

This is pretty basic stuff to do with human nature. People are inherently selfish. If you want them to try hard for the greater good then you need to reward them with a reward that is more than they get being selfish. Right now, in quick play, there’s NO REWARD SO NO ONE GIVES A DAMN IF THEY WIN OR LOSE BECAUSE IT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO DIFFERENCE TO THEIR LIFE.

I just don’t know any other way to explain it.


This is pretty basic stuff to do with human nature. People are inherently selfish. If you want them to try hard for the greater good then you need to reward them with a reward that is more than they get being selfish.

So you insult me by telling me to get past my “animal instincts” and then talk about how you need rewards to motivate people (including yourself, from what you’ve described) to try and win because they’re selfish - whereas I play just because I like to win and have no selfish desires to help my team win as well? That’s nice.

I agree there are degrees of effort, but when you play the hero that is most fun to you, are you not also trying to do your best with that hero? If you play Widow are you not trying to get kills for your team and improve your skills to, you know, win the game? I would say any amount of effort placed on playing your hero effectively is attempting to win the game. Perhaps if you spent the entire round doing trick shots like 360 quickscope headshots or something…


I play widow to try and get great looking plays of the game and because I like the “dink” sound and her voice lines.

I could care less if we win in quick play. I don’t get anything from winning anyway. Winning is just an accidental byproduct of playing well. All I care about is playing well. Did I play better today than yesterday? If so, then it was exactly what I wanted to get out of it.

Observation tells me most other people feel the same. You are in a tiny minority. The evidence? Try asking people to switch.

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