Not so great Widow players in QP


This is why I 1 trick rat in comp
Because it’s what I find fun in the game
The game which was made mainly so people could have fun

I could go on all day


I will never understand why people actually complain about what people play in quickplay.


And still. Im not complaining, I was wondering why there is so many Widow players compared to other characters.

See? Not complaining.


Sucking is the first step to getting good at something


yea dude i’ll just watch videos to get better instead of practice


I don’t like widows on maps that even the pro players won’t play widow. They aren’t going to get any practice playing widow on those maps. Instead they should be playing a hero that would be useful for those maps. It’s easy for a flanker to catch widow, especially in qp.

Like I said many times. A ban system would solve the one tricks, widows, and non meta players by allowing teams to ban heroes that aren’t useful for certain maps, op, or to remove options for the opposing team.


Ban in comp, maybe, but not QP. Not unless they release an unranked mode with comp rules. I’d be okay with it then.

For me though, I play Widow because while I have an average of 50-60% accuracy with her, I have a difficulty with headshots in this game. The hitboxes are so messed up that it’s easier to get a headshot by aiming just ABOVE their head rather than actually clicking on their head. With a hero like Widow, it takes a lot of practice to learn exactly where you’re supposed to actually aim to get a headshot (because it’s not actually the head – go figure).

So yeah, I’ll keep playing Widow in QP when I don’t care if I win or lose and just want to get better at clicking (not)heads.


She has the highest skill floor out of any of the situational characters, she literally needs the most practise to get to the point where shes useful.

Also you probably have that effect where you remember the games with widow more than the games without because they bother you a little.


I am kind of over people whining about ‘why do people play hero x in qp when they’re not good at them’. Seriously. How are we supposed to get good at a hero if we don’t play them? And don’t say by playing on the training range. Shooting at static bots or bots that move in a programmed pattern does eff-all as far as that goes. Best way to learn is with other players, period.


You need to put in a ton of time on her to get to the point you can realistically play in comp. DM can improve aim but you need to get actual map time to find good perches and sight lines.

And there’s probably a lot of people wanna be the next Surefour, Sayaplayer, or whoever so they have to put in the work somehow.


I too am Masters rank Hanzo main vs. bots and training dumbies.


I just assumed it was because she was a sniper and everyone loves snipers. I remember getting teams with like 3-5 snipers in TF2. :unamused:
I don’t care toooo much if there is an insta-lock Widow, but if they are becoming a burden on my team, I just hope they’re kind enough to switch.


Also while I realize they’re best positioned away from point, unless you’re really popping off try to get on the point if your team is off it and it needs contested.


I used to think like this before. Then I was set free. I use QP just for drills with whichever hero I like with the sole intention of getting better for comp. I couldn’t care less what the other 5 are playing.

I am a much happier gamer since I have shifted my approach to QP. I no longer stress over it. I never ask people to switch, no not even that funky attack Torb. I let others do what they want and I do what I want because it’s a place to practice.

In comp, that’s a different story.


I never stress over QP. I’m perfectly fine letting people play the game however they wish. But I’m making a firm stance on the fact that QP is not and never was intended as some sort of “do whatever you want mode”. That’s just what people turned it into.


fast game



I think it’s totally fine to practice with a mechanical hero like Widowmaker, Tracer in qp. Just remember when you get shut down hard with counters it’s time to switch.


That’s good, because I definitely used to stress out in QP before. I used to expect certain things from complete strangers who I had no right to expect anything from. In comp, sure, we can have a quick talk before the round begins and the team can come up with something reasonable and effective (hopefully).

In QP, this almost never happens, people are almost never in vc, and so on, so expecting anything other than a “random mess” is not the game mode’s fault, but the player who is just entering QP with false expectations. I should also add that if people have different expectations, that’s fine too, since there is no clear definition for QP. I’m not saying everyone should adopt my mentality. Play the mode however you like :ok_hand:


Widow is all about muscle memory and practice practice practice. If you want to be a good widow there’s no shortcuts, you have to put the time in!


There’s no rewards for winning quick play though. If they want us to care they need to add rewards. No rewards = no difference if win or lose = may as well play who I want.