Not so great Widow players in QP


Hmm, why are bad Widows practising playing her in practice mode?

Gee, I have no idea. I wonder what the reason could be. Could it be maybe they’re there to possibly get better at Widow?


AI Bots are not that great practise tools. They are only good in the beginning, but it’s player targets that you need practice on. Unlike players, bots do not constantly jump, or do they spam addad movements, or flank with all the fancy maneuver that QP offer. WM only deathmatch is a different form of practice as well, but they don’t teach WM how to fight around a team.


You say that about Widowmaker same can be said about Hanzo. Most Hanzo’s i get on my team in QP are bad. They miss more than Widowmaker as they blam widow for being a bad shot.

So I’m like, hey Hanzo if your shots where as loud as hers and easily traced you would be blamed for bad aim too. My kill feed is up and you haven’t got a hit or kill in the past 10 minutes. Looks like you should main a new hero if all you can hit is a barrier and miss every shot you fire at that Junkrat.

Please Hanzo main’s if you are going to blame Widow for bad aim and you havent got any picks please main someone else and keep your kill feed on so you know she is not useless like a bad Hanzo main.


You answered your own question, OP.


Or, they’re indulging a guilty pleasure hero they hardly get to play. Mine is Genji, my sister’s is Sombra, my friend’s is Ana. Some players probably like to play Widow to wind down.


game mode less serious than ranked, but with normal rules where players can practice characters in semi-normal compositions. Perhaps a mode with mass appeal so it finds games for you quickly so you don’t wait in a long queue mode
It sounds perfect


That’s not practice … that’s wasting time AKA trolling. You won’t get better aim playing qp, that’s what bots(hs only) are for. QP is only good to practice team compositions, and what hero to switch to counter other team’s comp - but people rarely do that … so they’re wasting time. It goes so far that if you switch to monkey you can hold enemy Widow in spawn … she won’t switch cause apparently not being able to leave spawn is also practicing…
So, when you play qp … you have 2 kinds of teams: trolls and try-hards. If your team are trolls, just troll. If your team are try-hards don’t pick Widow where you have 0.9K/D … don’t be that guy that spoils it for everyone. Also, don’t pick tank and demand heals if you’re in troll comp … just don’t be that guy …


but please, practice against AI not in quickplay

but after I played as him against AI for a while and finally decided to go into a quickplay match as him, I did good, but I just realized that even though I wanted to be a Hanzo main

Those two points may literally go hand in hand. Practicing vs AI is a joke. They do not at all behave like humans would - both in movement patterns and their overall choices. Playing vs AI will get you almost zero experience in a real match.


Bots don’t provide realistic movement patterns. They have specific locations/waypoints they stick to and move in really long linear paths that are extremely predictable. Practicing aim vs bots will probably make you worse.


QP isn’t practice mode. It’s just unranked.


Widow is the new meta. Dive is dead and long range damage is suddenly “in.” I don’t find it odd that half the player base is now interested in giving Widow a test drive to see if they can learn her.


Until blizzard add movements pattern to ai to constantly stafe and jump, chances are, wm/hanzo who wants to get into comp will practice mostly in QP or DM only.

I do wish they add a more advance more than Hard AI that include those unpredictable movements pattern.


To all the aspiring widows out there:

There is a game on steam called aim hero that can help you, it isn’t very expensive and you can practice your aim all you want. Please look it up.


Thank you! :smiley: Finally an answer that explains the situation. Might be that, yeah…


It’s practice mode for most of us. People use it to practice heroes they are bad with all while people who don’t quite get it will moan and ask them to switch thinking we are in some pseudo comp mode.

QP is a random mess and that’s what I love about it. I use it for drills and practice, then take that to comp where I put on my try hard pants. Anyone using QP for serious play is just wasting their time and energy.


Because the shooting range is not the place to get better with Widow or any hero QP is.

At launch I was a Sym main then when comp released Pharah then Dva showed me I need to learn a new support.

We are in a sniper meta now. Certain people that play heroes that fell out of the meta switch it up to learn one that more value like Widow.
Also she’s fun to play in qp


The practice range is hot trash when it comes to practicing aim ,the bots are so unbelievably large it’s not even funny.


Mainly for practice. I think even with previous sniper experience, Widow takes a lot of time to become effective with. I’m at ~100 hours with her and I can be a total game changer sometimes, and sometimes I can’t hit the side of a barn. I’m sure people judge me in my bad games.


Ok, I may be wrong, if so, correct me. BUT, have you ever seen someone practicing Brigitte or Moira? Funny, eh? Those are heroes you just pick and go, but heroes like Widowmaker, Doomfist, Hanzo or Genji are hard to master and you can’t just pick them and go rampage from first hour(yea, yea I can already hear someone who say Genji(or someone else) is easy and so on), so that’s why you see them more, because, well, yes, they’re trying to get better. And to be honest, I don’t see better place to do that other than qp.

When I started to play Overwatch, I sucked with Genji so much, like literally, very much. I died a lot, seems not fun, but I just knew that, if I’ll get better, it’ll be fun.


It’s not intended to be a random mess with people doing whatever they want. It’s a real mode in the game and the goal is to win. The reason that it’s the way it is is specifically because of that mindset. It’s a self fulfilling prophecy.

The only real difference between comp and QP is that one is ranked and uses a different ruleset to be able to determine a real victor (i.e. through mirror matches). Otherwise it’s the same thing.


Switching? What’s that? :stuck_out_tongue:
Though in all seriousness I never really play qp unless I’m leveling up an alt to 25(Since I think the best way to practice is in comp, though not on my main), or to check my ping