Not so great Widow players in QP


In QP you basically have Widow in every game. No matter what map it is or which side, there is always Widow. Some of them are good, but most of them cant get anything done.

So, what I just wonder, is that what do these Widow insta-lockers get from playing her, if they are just utterly bad? Widow must be the most unrewarding hero to play, if you cant aim and get kills. What is so fun in playing a hero that you just miss shots with and get killed?
I understand that some people are just practising with her in QP and Im not telling anyone that they should not do it… But the amount of Widows in QP kind of would mean like 1/6 or more of whole playerbase is just practising Widow… And I see that as bit unlikely.

Soo. Why play Widow, if you cant hit a barn door from meter away? ^^’

PLEASE READ! :slight_smile:
With about 100 answers saying they want to practice, I just want to point out that I do know they want to practice! As I said, I understand that some people are just practicing her in QP.
What I was wondering was more of the fact why there is tons and tons of those people. Like many have said, it takes hours after hours of practice to get good with her, still so many people are willing to practice her. Right now she is meta, but even before, when she was more of a troll pick than meta, people were still playing her in every match.
So the point of this very post… To make it more clear… is not to ask why they play her, but more that why there is soooo many of them. She must be utterly fun to play. I dont get what is so fun about her. I personally enjoy being where the battle is happening. Its only personal preference of course, and thats why I started to wonder how Widow is so appealing for seeminly lot of people.


If only there were as game mode less serious than ranked, but with normal rules where players can practice characters in semi-normal compositions. Perhaps a mode with mass appeal so it finds games for you quickly so you don’t wait in a long queue.

We could call it…


Practice. The judges tell me “fun” would have also been acceptable.


shes fun even if you arent hitting anything theres still that promise of ooooh maybe ill get a penta kill


To be good at widowmaker, or any other hero really you just need to put in practice and learn the tricks to them. Sure you need to switch if it doesn’t work but those good widowmakers had to come from somewhere.


You have to practice Widow a lot until you get good. That’s the whole point. I sucked big time at one point on her but after 100 +hrs she’s easy. Let people do their thing.


They don’t play to win the game, they play to play as Widowmaker. Same goes for a lot dps fans of any dps hero.


How do you get better if you aren’t allowed to play?


I get that alot of people think that snipers are cool, and alot of people want to get good at sniping, but please, practice against AI not in quickplay, I understand that quickplay is not really a very serious gamemode, or that you might want to practice against actual people, but please, just be able to recognize when a sniper role is just not for you.
I have personal experience with this. I used to be a want-to-be-Hanzo main, but after I played as him against AI for a while and finally decided to go into a quickplay match as him, I did good, but I just realized that even though I wanted to be a Hanzo main, it just was not the hero for me. I am now a Tracer main and I am honestly having so much more fun playing as her than Hanzo.
So please, I am perfectly fine if you insta-lock a sniper, but just please be able to recognize if a sniper role just isn’t for you.


Practice. Can’t get better if you don;t and i doubt you want me practicing widow in your comp games.


They play so they can hit them. Practice makes perfect.


Practicing a hero doesn’t mean I’m not trying. In fact it means I’m trying harder than normal because I want to get better.


since when is QP the practice range? some of us play one or two games a day here and there. we end up having to exit 2-3 games in a row to get rid of those games and maybe enjoy them

is this a game first or an esport first?.


She makes cute sounds when hit with damage or falling off the map.

So being not-so-great at playing her has its perks.


As I said, Im not telling anyone to not practice Widow, if they feel like it. Its their game. But as mentioned, its hard to believe like almost half of the players feel like practicing her in QP?
Maybe they are all practicing her then.


because you have to practice her

you can’t just be good instantly, everyone starts bad

don’t bash people trying to improve ;(


Please read the post again… I have now mentioned two times Im not telling anyone to not practice a hero they want to. -_- I was just wondering why they are so common!


not sure probably because they want to learn new heroes


If you view it as “just a game,” then they are playing them to have fun. If they view it as srs bsness esport, they are going to practice in QP. Either way, Quick Play will be where the place where people who aren’t the greatest widows will choose her.


I agree but the only way to practise widow, is to actually play widow… But what me suprise the most, if i play a hero… Say Doomfist… I suck!.. There s no other word for it and i dont think any practise can make me play him well…

Good for me i have the brains that tells me NOT to play him haha…

I never understand how people still play a character after a x couple of hours, and still are real bad… Like, u really just like the dying part or what?

We just had a tracer in game, checked stats, 25 eli’s… 137 deaths… Then im like wow… HOW?! WHY? … why would u even want that… haha