Not Receiving the Overwatch Contenders Skins?

wait whyd you delete ur text lol

i thought i didn’t click reply lol so i deleted it to re do it as a reply but didn’t work

What was there:
yea that is weird, this has been happening for a while as well. like the past couple of months I couldn’t get the skins as well

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thats very weird. do you have the option to recieve ingame addons on?

wait where is that option?

If i remember its in the Overwatch contenders sight, lemme look back real quick

Read it here

and remember

Lucio Skin: 5 hrs

Zen Skin: 7 hours

Sym Skin: 15 hrs

Mercy Skin: 20 hrs

thanks the only thing which i wasn’t doing was i had it muted in chrome, and it says in the document you send it can’t be muted. that sucks if all those hours are wasted because of something as dumb as that

did you have your audio on when you did it?

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Atleast its fixed now! Enjoy watching those hours and getting the skins.

well hopefully i still have no idea if it will work. because the green dot has always been there

and yes and no. It doesnt need audio for you to get the skins. I have sound in cuz i like background noise

I always have it muted and it works for me. I just have it muted in the background while watching other youtube videos on youtube or just playing other games in another tab.

i am so confused then as to what the issue is lol

is it still having an issue?

also here WyomingMist posted this
The month of December is actually suppose to be Junkrat at 7 hours, Zenyatta at 15 hours. Because there were known issues with some of the streams in October, a second chance offer is being provided to earn Symmetra at 18 hours watched this month, and Mercy at 20 hours.

Did you carefully work through all troubleshooting steps? More often than not, the two biggest fixes is reset Overwatch League Page permissions on your Blizzard Account, and clear out the browser web cookies. But yes, if you use the mute function on a Google Chrome tab that can interfere.

Where do they even strwam this… Still youtube?

Youtube and the Overwatch Contenders site

Through YouTube, but to earn rewards you must watch on, sign into your Blizzard Account, and watch the embedded YouTube player there when a live match is running.

yes i have done all the trouble shooting steps many times and still no difference