Not Receiving OWL Skin/Tokens

The title says it all. I’ve been out of the house pretty much all day, so I set up the current OWL livestream before I left home in order to get the Mercy skin.

Upon my return I’ve noticed that I have no skin, and not even any tokens to suggest that linking my accounts has even worked. I’m very concerned as I would really like the skin, but don’t want to waste my time.

I’m aware that there is an issue with tokens, but apparently the skin isn’t an issue…That tweet was also posted at about 5:30AM (Sydney AUS time), and considering it’s been nearly 12 hours since then I can imagine that issue is solved.

So what’s happening there? This is frustrating. :point_up: :woozy_face:

Do you watch on YT or OWL website?

I watch on OWL website (without any browser extensions) and it’s working fine. I’m also in country that isn’t eligible for tokens and I still get them.


Did you turn on the stream after it started or did you left it idle on the screen where it says “Stream starts in XX:XX”?
Did you watch it on Youtube or the OWL website? As far as I know the issue really is just with the tokens. The skin should drop for you if you have watched it for 4 hours while your account is correctly linked

I’ve been watching on YT, and my country is eligible for rewards.

The stream had been live for about two minutes when I turned it on.

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Thats weird, it should’ve worked. I’m getting all my drops from YT
Maybe try to unlink your Bnet account and link it again, then try again on the encore stream later today. Did you receive tokens via YT before?

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I’ll try that.

The last time I did all this stuff was back when we had to watch streamers on Twitch to get D.Va sprays, so unfortunately I have no experience with YT.

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The thing is, that only the tokens are delayed. The Mercy skin should drop after 4hours of watching

Maybe it really just isn’t linked properly, best luck that it works on the encore stream :slight_smile:

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I doubt my chances - If something is going to go wrong, it will with me lmao.

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If you still are not earning tokens or rewards from watching Overwatch League today (after they fixed the issues), you need to work through all my troubleshooting steps which I have listed in the starting post of this thread.

This includes clearing out your web cookies, resetting your account permissions, and more. Remember we still have three broadcasts/encores remaining, so you have a few hours to spare, but try to get these steps done now.

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Thanks for letting me know.