Not receiving Contenders skins?

SInce the official announcement that we will be able to get skins for watching live Contenders matches, I have watched around 12 hours combined of live content (not replays). I time my watching sessions just so I know how much I’ve watched, since the site itself doesn’t show this information, so I am certain in the watch time I have. I also always check if I am properly logged in and the “logged in to receive viewership incentives” is showing up under the video.
Yet I still haven’t received the Symmetra skin, which is the 7 hours award tier. As I said, I have certainly watched more than 7 hours, so there is probably a bug with how the time is counted.
Back when we had the Tracer skin, I also didn’t receive it, but it got resolved by changing the passoword to my account. This time it didn’t work; I also tried switching regions (I play on EU) and still nothing.


Same. :< Watched for 9+ hours already. I see a lot of ppl saying they’ve watched for 15++ hours and got the Symm skin but not the Mercy one.


Hey! Having the same issue here :frowning:

I contacted Blizzard support and they told me they couldn’t help with this because customer support can’t view the hours we’ve logged or just give us the skins. I’ve actually watched around ~25 hours of streams and haven’t received mine either which is a huge bummer because i play a lot of both characters… ;-;

Never had an issue with league tokens but for some reason, I’m convinced contenders just doesn’t get along with me.

If you ever find a fix pleaseeee let me know because the season is about to finish and I’m kinda panicking that I’m never gonna get the skins in my account…


난20시간봤는데 1도없어~ 진짜왜구럴까?

I had the same problem with the tracer grand finals skin, but i got it within a week. Maybe same thing here

Same issue, definitely watched 15+ now, received neither skin

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Over 20 hours and haven’t received either skin at this point.

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I have the same problem, I already saw more than 15 hours of the event and the rewards have not yet arrived

Hey everyone, the Bug Report forum is not going to be a very effective place to report issues with earning streaming rewards. I have a dedicated thread in the general discussion forum for specifically helping other players earn rewards.

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Same here., have not recieved the Symmetry skin after 10 hours of watching the content and logged into my Blizzard account.

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Same, I have been watching since Thursdays (October 28th) easily having watched over 15+ hours, and I still do not have any of the skins.

I am also affected by this. 15+ hours and zero skins received. Looks like promises to give skins were just a scam to increase the viewership numbers.


Same, shows logged in and earning but i’ve put in at least 24+ hrs in October didn’t get Sym or Mercy, and November still nothing with likely 48+ with the euro and american games running back to back, never had a problem before…

I also have this problem. Watched for many days, entire stream but only received 1 skin, didn’t get Mercy. Said I was logged in and eligible for rewards.

Please help us out.

This has been a problem for me, too. I watched 15+ hours of live contenders matches/content, and still haven’t gotten the symm or Mercy skin.

I put off tuning in on contenders matches until the final days of October, but even if I somehow missed a hidden early deadline for Mercy I should have at least earned the symm skin.

Same for me! nothing! so sad