Not Received Owl Tokens

I watched all the stream of yesterdays matches 16/04/2021 on the owl website, the pink dot was showing and saying i was logged in to receive rewards. Logged into the game today and no tokens there.

Hey there, first if you can work through my troubleshooting checklist in this topic.

I’m having the same problem watched most of the games tried both microsoft edge and opera gx (both on youtube and league website) also tried watching on youtube app on mobile , neither seems to be working cuz I have not received any token also to mention that add blocker is disable and my account region matches those that are part of the announced regions

I have cleared cache and all that, i have no problems getting the contenders skins i have all of them including this months, its only OWL tokens i’m not receiving even though the pink dot is there saying You are logged in to earn [viewership rewards], its not muted and is the only window i have open. ive tried youtube but have yet to recieve ive been watching the games since day one. like i said the contenders page i have had no problems with just the owl one doesnt reward even though the pink dot was there the whole time. thank you for your time.

The time I watched the OWL from previous sessions that didn’t accumulate to an hour also didn’t contribute to me receiving OWL tokens. As of right now, I’ve only received tokens when I’ve watched the game continuously for an hour.

it has to be a live stream to count, replaying an old stream wont count mate.

I never said I replayed an old stream. I said I watched the livestream for under an hour and returned later to watch it again.