🛰 Not Muda Special: Is Sym the Best Shield Breaker?

imagine people thinking sym excels in barrier heavy comps.

i wish these ppl actually tried sym and tried hard to win, like this yt snipzy guy tried to (things went horrible. all defeats. he got flamed too i think)

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seris…? last time i saw seris she would just spam moira orbs from afar that could go thru walls…

I’d argue she’s actually best in barrier-heavy comps (she’s still awful, though), but not because of her ability to deal with barriers. It’s because barrier heavy comps = lots of tanks = generally poorer mobility, which means she can take advantage of her Teleporter to move heroes like Bastion and Orisa around for the deluxe barrier busting (basically, the entire theory behind BOS and why it works at all).

But she’s still inanely bad

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It can go through walls? Heh well I did join Paladins last year so I probably miss out on that buggy hot mess.

Anf how often is the enemy team gonna let reaper freely attack their shield without him getting instagibbed because he gotta be close ?

It’s more plausible than the Symmetra alternative. Both can approach from behind their own teams’ barriers–really, it’s necessary to do so for either to work for more than 2 seconds. But, Symmetra has to build up charge and manage sentries without them being destroyed. Reaper’s at that DPS instantly.

Don’t mistake me to say Reaper is an amazing barrier buster. He’s not. He’s just better at it than Symmetra under most circumstances

Thats a characteristic of most of the reworks honestly. They made a lot of generalists that don’t really do much particularly better than others. Hanzo is the obvious exception to this of course.

I use Roadhog for barrier busting a lot and sometimes Dva. Sometimes you gotta bust a barrier for your allies.

Sadly the circumstances ain’t gonna happen for reaper or Symm. Being an almost melee character with almost no mobility or means to survive goes bad. Who would’ve thunk.

Cough cough 3rd Person cough Teleporter cough

I would say she’s the best at defending control point maps, but she’s not best at defending first point on 2cp for instance, or defending against a moving payload.

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Her TP is mostly useless on defence but very useful on attack.


her tp is only usefull for bastion combo attack. Sym + bas + orisia is a good comp.

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As many times as they are gonna let Symmetra do the same? And she cant fade away if the enemy decides she needs to die. To do any barrier busting against a semi competent team with either of them, you need a barrier of your own in front of you.

Wholehog is the best barrier buster, with a suicidal secondary effect

Does it mean that Symmetra is gay :thinking:

Nice art!
20 characters

Guessing that’s what getting the real attention. Hopefully Not Muda will do “that” for the rest.

Meanwhile I will post the bug one too:

That moment, when most interesting things hero can do are bugs…:confused:

Didn’t know about Reinhardt being able to teleport enemies, but it would be great for getting enemy caught in your spawn.

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I have some questions :

  • Who said she was a “shield breaker” ?
  • Who actually didnt know the answer to that question?

I mean sure, she can “spam” eternally a shield for no ammo cost at the appropriate range so she can break shields more effectively than … many characters but i dont think anyone really thought she was the best at it or she was done to be the “shield breaker” of the game.